5 Styles to Test Out During Quarantine

#Quarantine Hair, Don’t Care

Being stuck inside for weeks on end doesn’t make us want to style our hair in cute styles and live our best hair lives - which is totally understandable. As some areas are going into month three of quarantine or stay at home orders - the boredom is rising, and playing around with different hairstyles doesn’t seem to be such an impossible task. In fact - this is actually the perfect time to play around and perfect your technique! Staying indoors for the most part means not being around others who might judge or make you feel self-conscious about your style. Instead of rocking that messy bun for the fourth (fifth, even?) day in a row, let down your locks and play around with a few of these fun styles - we’ll even give you some awesome video step by step guides to show you the way to rockin’ quarantine hair.

First things first - show your hair some love! If you haven’t been following your regular hair maintenance schedule, take a beat to get back into it. Give your scalp a nice good scrub and massage, being sure to really get your hair fully clean and fresh. After that, apply your favorite moisturizing or healing mask - and pay special attention to those ends.! It’s likely that your hair stylist isn’t able to see you in person just yet, or maybe just opened and is booked out for a few weeks. If you’re in need of a trim, do what you can by giving some extra moisture and care to your ends to get you through until your stylist can give you a healthy trim!

After your hair is washed and conditioned well, be sure to detangle with a wide toothed comb or brush designed for wet hair - hair is in its most fragile state when it’s wet! At this point - you’re ready to play around with some different styles. You can choose whether you’d like to test these new looks out on wet or dry hair - depending on your hair type and texture, it varies. 

If you’re going to style dry hair and want to get a smoother finish to your strands, opt to dry with the RevAir Reverse Air dryer first. Unlike air drying and blow drying, using the RevAir introduces tension (ie. suction) that dries the hair, while closing the cuticle in its’ natural growth direction at the same time. It takes about ⅓ the time and uses just 1/2 of the heat as a standard hair styling tool, so you don’t need to worry about heat damage and frizz after drying. The end result? Dry, smooth, stretched hair that is ready for your next style experiment.

Heatless Curls

You may have seen this trend on TikTok lately - it seems to have gone viral! Essentially, this method is used on wet hair to twist and secure your strands as they dry, leaving behind bouncy curls once dry and removed. You will need a tie from a bathrobe or sleeping robe, but you can also get crafty and substitute an extra strip of fabric, too. This style is not one you want to wear out in public while it’s drying - but the end result is heatless curls that can last for a few days, which could be a great option for type 1 and 2 haired folks to extend their styles and wash days. The video below offers a great tutorial to set up this heatless ‘do.


Basic Flat Twists

This style is typically done on textured hair (types 3 and 4) - although any hair type can give it a try. Flat twists are a protective style that can provide a cute and healthy option to style your hair that looks great, while providing a good environment for hair growth too. Check out this video below for a user-friendly step by step guide on perfecting your own flat twists.


Pineapple Method

The Pineapple Method is a great protective style that helps to preserve natural curls and texture overnight, and can also be used to keep your strands away from your face and eyes during the day. Essentially, it is a loose, messy bun that is arranged on top of the head in a way to avoid frizz, knots, and flattened curls. Take a peek at this super informative video linked below - it breaks down the how to’s, why’s and shows you how to perfect your pineapple.

Halo Flat Twist

This twist on a flat twist is a cute way to rock a common protective style - and quarantine is the perfect time to try out your technique. It can take a few tries to get the twists to lay in a pattern that doesn’t stick out too much from your scalp, so be patient and give yourself a few tries to get your perfect halo twist. This style is a great option that protects your natural strands and encourages growth while also adding a face-framing twist that is very flattering. Click below to see the step by step video showing you how to create this look.


French Braid

A french braid is the perfect way to ease into heatless styles that you can master during quarantine! Not only do they look chic in comparison to a standard braid, but the braiding starts at the roots of the hair versus the middle of the strands. For hair types that are straighter and lack their own natural curl pattern, french braiding wet hair and letting it dry overnight or over a days time will result in classic, beachy waves starting from the crown of the head once the braid is removed. It is a bit trickier to master than a standard braid, however; so be sure to practice with wet, detangled hair and have a mirror handy in order to help see from every angle. The step by step video below goes through it all, so use that as your guide!

Don’t let quarantine get you down - use this as a time to hone some new skills or set up new healthy habits. We know that staying inside is not ideal - humans are social creatures by nature. Hopefully, you can try out a few (or all!) of these styles and have some fun, while practicing self-care. After trying these styles out, be sure to take a picture and tag us on Instagram so we can appreciate your skills - tag us @myrevair with the hashtag #QuarantineHairDontCare. We will get through this and be even stronger than before, hang in there! From everyone on Team RevAir, we wish you and your family a healthy, happy and safe quarantine.