Here Comes The Sun: Protective Hairstyles to Rock This Summer

Are you ready for #hothairsummer? Then you need protective hairstyles!

The sun is out and it's time to dazzle! Natural hairstyles in the summer are the best compliment to warm-weather fashion. Curly hair was practically made for sunny days and beaches. While we love celebrating our curls all year long, summer can also be a challenging time for maintaining Type 3 and Type 4 hair. The sun is shining and beauty gurus everywhere are getting outside. That means more sunbathing, more splashing, and more running, hiking, and enjoying your best life. 

Checking off your summer bucket list shouldn't come at the expense of your hair. Protective styles are a great way to continue growing out natural hair for Type 3 and Type 4 textures while staying on-trend. Minimizing damage to your radiant curls is key when it comes to enjoying a #hothairsummer. Get inspired by the best celebrity-approved looks for curly hair. The first step to achieving sun goddess vibes is creating a look-book of ideas for the perfect sunny hairstyle.

There are no bad hair days at RevAir! Dive into summer with 10 sizzling protective hairstyles to make every day feel like a getaway.

1.) Yarn Locs

Summer is the perfect time to go big or go home! Dramatic styles and bold looks are all the rage along with bright neon swimsuits and cat-eye sunglasses. Locs are one of the most popular go-to protective styles for Type 3 and Type 4 hair.  Yarn locs are one of our favorite protective styles of the season. You may have spotted these big, glamorous locs on Lupit Nyong'o, serving sizzling style at red carpet events.

Not only are yarn locs gorgeous, but these locs are lightweight and easy to care for during the summer months. No one wants to be weighed down by heavy locs or hair extensions. A long, light and airy style is perfect for lounging poolside. Yarn locs are also long-lasting and highly versatile. Transition seamlessly from gym to date night with a protective hairstyle to get you through the long days of summer.

We suggest pairing with chunky jewelry, gold shades, gladiator sandals, and plenty of diva attitude. Add a few strands of metallic silver to really enhance the look of your yarn locs and catch the sun in all of your selfies.


2.) Mini Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists are inspired by traditional West African styles. These protective hairstyles were made for hot temperatures! Delicate, mini Senegalese twists are the perfect summer companion. If you're looking for inspiration for protective styles for short and medium-length hair, you're in luck. Senegalese twists work well with all hair lengths.

When styled by an expert, the ends are sealed to prevent unraveling and can last anywhere from 8-16 weeks. This protective hairstyle is known to help retain length. Best of all, mini twists are lightweight and won't pull as heavily on damaged hair. If your hair needs summer vacation -- and a little rest and recovery -- mini Senegalese twists are for you.


3.) Box Braid Bob

This looks gives us vintage vibes and retro style reminiscent of a 90's music video queen. Bobs are a classical summer hairstyle that allows us to feel free, light, and cool while still looking flawless. When it comes to protective hairstyles for the summer, the box braid bob is an effortless choice. Chic, cute, and edgy all at the same time, this look is ideal for natural hair and active lifestyles.

Wide-leg jeans are a must with this protective style. Box braid bobs come in a variety of lengths from medium "lobs" to short and edgy pixie bobs. No matter your personal style inspiration, your natural hair is sure to stay flawless while you enjoy a gorgeous short summer hairstyle.


4.) Yaki Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are no longer a cookie-cutter line of faux curls. Yaki hair is uniquely designed with Type 3 and Type 4 hair in mind. Unlike Remy hair extensions, Yaki hair embraces waves and curls for natural-looking length. Hair extensions for textured hair come in a variety of lengths, styles, colors. Balayage and soft ombre are among the most popular Yaki hairstyles for summer. These sun-kissed extensions create the illusion of a long day at the beach. 

Yaki hair is long-lasting as far as protective styles go and, when properly cared for, can be worn all season long. Preserve your locks by nourishing them with products designed for natural hair. To keep your extensions flawless, opt for our innovative, heat-free styling approach with RevAir's reverse air hairdryer. No fried ends here! Just luxuriously long hair for long summer nights.


5.) Knotless Box Braids

Preserving your hair's integrity is key when it comes to choosing the right protective style. Knotless box braids have soared in popularity over the last few years due to their unique application method. Rather than installing the extensions directly at the root, these braids start with your natural hair as the base. This lessens the tension and possible breakage caused by protective hairstyles.

The knot-free style also gives the hair an added sleekness for a frizz-free summer.


6.) Beaded Fulani Braids

Let's face it, we all want to be a member of Beyonce's family. 

Unfortunately, the closest most of us mere mortals will come is channeling her sister Solange's red carpet diva style. Fulani braids with beads throughout are a fabulous boho protective hairstyle that ignites creativity and celebrates the beauty of curly hair -- all while giving your natural locks a break. Pair your Fulani braids with bright, metallic silver beads for a futuristic faerie vibe, or try seashell beads for a mermaid aesthetic to match your summer natural hairstyle goals.

Don't be afraid to take a tip in this sizzling summer style. Fulani braids are pool approved!


7.) Braided or Twisted Updo

The beauty of box braids lies in their versatility. A sophisticated braided updo or twisted updo adds a high fashion flair to any summer event. This style is perfect for strolling an art walk or strolling the boardwalk. Braided updo hairstyles complement a variety of face shapes from round to angular by accentuating those lovely cheekbones. This protective style looks lovely with creative earrings and is low maintenance when it comes to staying chic.

You can rock your box braids for 4-6 weeks, giving them extra life with a healthy clarifying routine and shine-enhancing oil. 


8.) Butterfly Locs

Feel free as a butterfly this summer with wild, messy locs that go with any summer adventure -- and, of course, any outfit. Butterfly locs are a looser take on classic loc styles. Think of this protective hairstyle as the little sister of 2020's boho locs. The natural evolution of free-spirited energy has brought us these natural hair trends in 2021. 

Butterfly locs are lightweight and gorgeous. This protective style looks great down as well as twisted into a variety of buns, ponytails, and braids. One of the most popular ways to wear butterfly locs is by channeling your inner Princess Leia and rocking a pair of space buns on a hot summer day. No matter how you do your locs, they're sure to create some stunning selfies.


9.) Color Pop Locs

Summer is the time to get wild and crazy with your hair. Add a pop of color to your locs! Protective hairstyles are great for testing out new shades without compromising your natural hair. There are no bleach, heat, or chemicals to worry about when installing bold fashion colors and these stylish hues can be switched up at each session so you'll never suffer from hair boredom again. 

Some of the most popular summer hair colors for natural hair include hot pinks, chic purple and plum tones, mermaid teal and green, and even firey orange, red, and yellow for a dazzling combination of hot colors to match the even hotter days ahead.


10.) Cornrows

Go back to the basics this summer with protective hairstyles that never go out of fashion. Cornrows are always a popular summer hairstyle, combining casual chic with elegance for a truly versatile style. Cornrows have been emerging onto the business-ready hair world in a big way. Pair this timeless style with simplistic white collars, pencil skirts, and statement necklaces for your Monday-Friday grind. 

Cornrows require lots of hydration to look their best alongside a clarifying routine. They're a great protective style for active beauties when properly cared for. Be sure to moisturize, deep clarify to prevent build-up, and always wrap your hair at night to prevent frizz. With a simple home haircare routine for natural hair, your cornrows will stay flawless through all of your summer activities, events, date nights, and socials. 


Ready to get your #hothairsummer started? Check out RevAir's Ultimate Guide to Summer Hair Care for summer essentials every curly-haired diva should know.

Let us know what your favorite protective hairstyle is for summer and don't hesitate to our Customer Support team for all of your RevAir & hair questions.