9 Healthy Hair Habits for the New Year

Smiling woman showing confidence with her curly hair - an idea of hair habits for healthier hair.

If you're reading this, you made it through 2021! It's been challenging, and congratulations for making it through a year full of ups and downs and unprecedented circumstances. What better way to start the New Year than with healthy hair? Spare a few lines in your New Year's resolution for your hair habits. Remember that starting the year right goes a long way 

There are a few simple hair habits you can take to bring all those healthy curls you've been manifesting to life in 2022.

We've compiled them into a simple, actionable list to kickstart your haircare in 2022- consider it a New Year's gift.

9 Hair Habits for Healthier Hair

1. It's All in the Food

Let's make one thing clear; we've all gotta eat! And if you're like us, you probably love food solely because it tastes great and fuels your body.

In 2022, we're going to eat- that's established, but this time it's with your hair in mind. Don't freak out; it's not as hard as it seems. 

The secret is all in minor, simple dietary adjustments that are not only easy to make but easy to maintain throughout the year.

  • Seasonal Recipes

Look for seasonal recipes since they have the most available food. That and planning your meals around cheap foods will help you stay within budget and try new things!

  • Eat Your Proteins

Did you know that your hair is made up of protein?

That tells you enough about what you need for healthy hair growth and maintenance. For the best hair, purpose to eat protein-rich foods such as eggs, chicken, meats, as well as nuts in 2022.  

  • Your Vitamin Intake

Vitamins are essential for healthy hair. You already know what that means, lots of broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, as well as pumpkins.

As usual, try and reduce refined sugars and processed food. But hey, if chocolate and McDonald's make you happy, then go ahead. This year, we're focusing on our happiness.

2. It's Time for Another Low Heat Challenge

This year, take on the heat with a no or low heat challenge; your hair will thank you. You've probably heard this a million times, but excessive heat isn't healthy for your hair.

Too much heat is one of the bad hair habits you should be breaking up with for your type three and four hair.

To make a no-heat challenge effective, embrace shorter periods, like a week or two. Consider swapping your standard high-heat tools for healthier options, like the RevAir Reverse Air Dryer. RevAir uses about 1/2 the heat of a normal hair dryer and is an easy way to dry hair quickly in a fraction of the time - and heat exposure!

Alternatively, you can choose to alternate your heat and no-heat days or weeks if it makes it more manageable—all in all, try to use less heat on your hair this year.

3. Don't Stress 

"You be fearless every day, and when you don't feel like it, just pretend girl"- Riri.

It's pretty hard to admit, but not all days in 2022 will go as expected. There will be memorable ones and tough ones in equal measure. For that reason, it's essential not to stress.

You'd be shocked to learn that a lot of stress can lead your hair into what is known as a resting phase, which is just French for hair loss. 

Stress isn't good for your hair, face, and life. Going into 2022 with the aim of not being stressed will lead to infinitely better hair habits. 

To limit stress, depression, as well as anxiety levels next year, you should consider:

  • Staying around people that make you happy
  • Getting a healthy amount of sleep (6 to 8) hours
  • Taking frequent breaks from social media
  • Working out or taking a walk

Just equally shocking are the benefits of a lack of stress on the hair. Be happy, among other things, and it won't be long before you're showing your best hair.

This 2022, don't stress about work, home, relationships, and COVID but most important of all, don't stress about your hair - you've got this! 

4. Understand Your Hair

This may sound like a literal no-brainer. However, you'd be surprised at the number of beautiful, gorgeous, as well as intelligent people who couldn't specify their hair type to save their lives.

That said, one of the best resolutions you can have for the New Year is to understand your hair more.

To do this, take a general approach, then narrow down:

  • Find out your hair type (e.g., curly hair, 3C or 4C)
  • Find a blog (wink wink) that focuses on your hair type
  • Create time to read that blog weekly

Once you have a reliable source of haircare information, you can then geek out and learn everything about healthy hair habits and how to care for your hair.

You can start by setting goals. Some of the things you should consider having mastered by the end of this year include: 

  • Your hair texture
  • Porosity of your hair
  • Density of your hair
  • Tenacity of your hair
  • Elasticity of your hair

Woman with curly hair having a salon appointment - creating healthy hair habits for the year.

5. Turn Down the Temperature

Another simple but impactful tip that will make your hair infinitely better in 2022 is using lower temperatures to wash it.

Every curly diva has a natural inclination towards hot or warm water; it just feels right. Contrary to popular belief, there's nothing wrong with a warm water wash.

However, washing your hair with cold-er water comes with some advantages you should check out next year.

And who knows? Maybe you'll realize that cold water isn't that bad after all. The benefits of cold washes include:

  • Washing with cold hair closes your cuticles, giving you a better chance of shiny, healthy, and frizz-free hair.
  • Coldwater also leads to improved scalp circulation.
  • By closing pores and preventing dirt from entering, cold water leads to a cleaner scalp.

That said, you could slowly begin your transition to cold washing. 

However, if washing with warm water makes you happy, go for it. Remember, this year is about you prioritizing your happiness.

6. Go Natural With Your Products

The list of compounds, chemicals, as well as products that shouldn't touch your hair even with a 10-foot stick are endless.

It's exhausting keeping track of sulfates and silicone; why not ditch them altogether and go natural.

2022 is the perfect year to join all the other divas going natural with their hair products.

7. Start the Year With a Salon Appointment

Is there a better way to start your new year hair habits than with fresh new curls from a salon appointment?

Apart from leaving you refreshed and launching you into a new year, starting the year with a salon appointment sets the stage for more frequent visits during the year.

The worst mistake you can make is to visit your salon in March because it'll be May before you start thinking about the salon again.

Apart from your regular appointments, it's essential to punctuate your year with regular visits and appointments.

For this, you can consider having:

  • Trimming off dull and dry ends every six months.
  • Booking your salon appointments in advance.
  • Marking salon days on your calendar or setting reminders.

8. Wash Less Often in 2022

Actually, you've washed and shampooed your hair enough this year. One of the best resolutions you can have going into 2022 is to wash your curly hair less often.

As you know, when over washing your hair, you risk stripping it of its natural oils, which eventually leaves you with dry tresses.

Your hair then replaces this oil with more oil, leading to a never-ending cycle of greasiness.

That said, we understand that washing hair comes naturally for most people, and it's something you just can't stop cold turkey.

Carry the following hair habits into 2022 that will help you wash your hair less often:

  • Learn to accept greasy hair (it's not that bad)
  • Embrace a homemade natural dry shampoo
  • Massage with your fingers to spread the oil 

9. Get Yourself a Silk Pillowcase

You'll love this point for two reasons. The first is that a silk pillowcase is great for your hair. The second is that now you know what to get yourself for the New Year.

If you're tired of waking up looking homeless, a silk pillowcase will probably be the best-cheapest purchase you make in 2021.

Silk pillowcases help reduce frizzy hair, tangles, and bedhead. Above that, silk is suitable for moisture retention, which is essential, especially if you're a curly diva with type 3 and 4 hair.

2021 Has Been Good; This Year Can Be Even Better

Has 2021 been a good year for you hair-wise? Well, you deserve it. If it hasn't, there's lots of time next year to achieve your goals.

One of the first steps in making 2022 one of the best years for your hair is getting the right products and information.

Fortunately, you have RevAir. Together with our products and community, our resources are a bible for our community to make their hair goals a reality.

For more information, contact us today, and our team will be more than willing to help answer any questions!