New Year, New Hair Resolutions

We're closing the lookbook on another great year of style. We've learned a lot, grown (out of our natural hair, of course), and embraced new ways of loving our beautiful selves. What are your new hair resolutions for 2023? Maybe you want to practice appreciating your natural hair more often or maybe one of your goals is to transition away from synthetic hair products and get on a clean beauty routine. Whatever your new year's resolutions are, the team at RevAir is empowering our community to seize the new year. 2023 is our year to achieve our hair goals!

Get inspired by our new year's resolution list for healthy, glowing locks.

Keep It Simple

Simple resolutions are often the most effective. Experts agree that "when you perform a habit consistently, over time the self-control required to perform it decreases." When we set enormous goals for our new year's resolution list, we're far less likely to succeed in them. Small, steady habit changes are the best way to empower a healthier hair routine in the new year. 

One good method for setting achievable goals is to focus on adding one healthy hair habit to your routine every month (or every quarter). This might include treating yourself to an extra salon day for a deep conditioning treatment, replacing one or two hair products with all-natural alternatives, or starting each morning with a gentle affirmation for your curls. Your new hair's resolution starts one step at a time.

Hydrate for Hair Health

If drinking more water is on your 2023 bucket list, don't forget to include your hair in the hydration challenge! Natural hair needs plenty of moisture to stay healthy, vibrant, and full of incredible volume. Take a moment to review your healthy hair hydration routine. Are you using the best conditioner for your hair type? What about your sun protection go-to's? Do you give your curls an extra lift with hydrating, lightweight hair oils like coconut and jojoba?

If your moisturizing routine is lacking, now is the perfect time to step up your healthy hair game for your new year's resolution. Incorporate more hydration into your hair's life by adding a bi-weekly hair mask treatment, protecting your color and ends with SPF during the summer months, treating your hair and scalp with a nourishing oil soak, and taking a few spa days off for a deep conditioning treatment. Style experts agree that hair oil is a fantastic tool for enhancing your hair's health and preventing split ends and breakage. Try these DIY hair oil recipes to restore shine and bring out your hair's vibrance and color.

Practice Positivity

Positivity is powerful. Practice speaking kindly to your hair. As part of your morning routine, keep a few affirmations in mind. These might include listing all of the things you love about your hair, reminding yourself that your hair is perfect exactly the way it is, and empowering your confidence by pumping yourself up at the start of each day. Too often we get caught in the habit of negative self-talk, especially when it comes to our hair. Make a new year's resolution to break the cycle of negativity and replace your inner critic with an inner goddess!

Practicing daily affirmations is a great way to get started. Speak them out loud, write them on your mirror, put helpful encouragement on sticky notes, and embrace the amazing, flawless hair you've been #blessed with.

Go Au Naturale

Make the switch to natural hair products. Swapping harsh, synthetic hair products for nourishing, gentle ingredients is one of the best new year's resolutions you can make for your hair. Synthetic hair products are often drying, causing split ends and breakage. Additives can affect your hair's color and strip away its natural shine. Many beauty gurus find that they notice a change in as little as a month once they make the switch to all-natural products. Stick to products that are free of sulfates and sulfites, parabens, fragrances, phthalates, and any ingredient you struggle to pronounce. The best ingredients for nourishing natural hair are going to be natural butter and oils, vitamins and nutrients for hair growth, and essential oil scents like botanicals for the final touch of freshness,

Organize Those Hair Accessories!

Have you been putting off organizing your home hair care kit all year? Make a new year's resolution to get more organized! Start by sorting through all of your hair products and accessories. Pick up a few cute storage bins to get started. If you're running low on counter space, consider using vertical space with hanging organizers to hold your favorite hair accessories and products.

Work With Your Natural Texture (Not Against It)

New Year's resolutions are meant to be effortless, not stressful. Learn to work with your natural hair texture. Too many curly-haired goddesses spend too much time fighting their curls. Don't tame perfection. Get to know your hair type and read up on the best styles for your unique curl pattern. Likewise, if your hair is naturally straight or wavy, embrace your natural volume with high ponytails and loose waves. Learn the best cuts that work with your face shape and rock your natural locks in 2023.

Get Better Sleep

Don't skimp on your sleep schedule this year. Getting a good night's rest is essential for healthy hair and a healthier you. Establish a calming bedtime routine to help yourself fall asleep faster. This might include a ten-minute guided meditation before bed, a brief restorative yoga session to unwind, face masks, and of course, prepping your natural hair before your curls hit the pillow. Better sleep is a must for everyone's new year's resolution list. Feel more refreshed, enjoy healthier hair, and take on the day with renewed energy.

Prioritize Yourself (and Your Hair)

Make time for yourself by scheduling a few salon days into your 2023 planner. Booking time self-care well in advance ensures you'll stick to the schedule and stay consistent -- and guilt-free. Too often we feel as if investing in ourselves is selfish. The truth is, when we honor ourselves, we are better equipped to show up for others. Doing things for ourselves that make us feel fabulous includes taking care of our hair.

Most of us go to the salon when it's time for a haircut or color refresh. However, taking time in between cuts and colors for hair treatments is a great way to keep your hair healthy and work some relaxation time into your day. A few of our favorite treatments for natural hair include a classic deep conditioning treatment, a soothing Olaplex, and a hot oil massage for your scalp.

Stick to a Seasonal Hair Care Routine

Do you have a hair care routine that could use some improvement? Are you just starting your natural hair journey and want to begin a home hair care regimen in 2023? Add sticking to a consistent hair care routine to your list of new year's resolutions. Developing healthy hair habits begins with a plan. The right hair routine is the one that works for you. That means your home hair care regimen should work around your schedule, be tailored to suit your unique hair type, and leave your hair feeling flawless week after week. 

If you're having trouble sticking to a routine, create a whiteboard calendar to remind yourself what hair care item is on the list for each day and week. A bit of consistency goes a long way in strengthening natural hair.

Improve Your Home Hairstyling Game

Have you always wanted to master hairstyles that look intricate and sophisticated without taking a lot of time out of your morning to achieve them? Improving your home hairstyling game is a great new year's resolution. Practice a new hairstyle every month, using helpful tips from your favorite Hairtubers and blogs. A few of the easiest hairstyles to start out with include updos and high ponytails. These looks are a fantastic hack for adding volume to any hair length and texture. They only take a few extra minutes to style, but the results will trick even the most discerning fashionista into thinking you spent hours working on your high-glam look.

Lower the Heat, Love the Hair

If a gentler hair care routine is on your new year's resolution list, consider lowering the heat when it comes to styling your natural locks. Frequent blow drying, straightening, and curling combined with warm weather and salon treatments can significantly impact your hair's health and resilience. The innovative design behind RevAir's unique device uses natural airflow on a low-heat setting to dry your hair without frying your lovely locks. If saving time on your morning routine is another item on your new year's resolution list, you'll be pleased to find that your RevAir actually dries, smooths, and stretches hair 3x faster than conventional styling tools.

Curious about how the RevAir device works? Learn more about the low-heat lifestyle here and find out how other naturalistas are using RevAir to style their curls.

2023 is sure to be the best year yet for our healthy hair team! We can't wait to help you achieve your new year's resolutions and watch your natural beauty shine. Reach out to our team for more new year's inspiration for a healthier hair lifestyle.