Straighten Natural Hair - The Quick & Healthy Way

How To Straighten Natural Hair - The Quick & Healthy Way

Written by guest author Sabrina Perkins 

If there's one thing I know, it's that natural hair needs correct care - which means taking protection to the next level and not just assuming that the products and techniques you are using are right. When it comes to styling natural hair, the variety can be endless, but if you are not taking protection seriously, you may end up with damaged strands and regrets. 

Straight hairstyles are lovely. Giving your curls a break from curling around each other can be fun and freeing, but the toll on straightening natural hair can quite often create hassles you don't want when straightening natural hair and having a great result.

There are right and wrong ways to straighten one's natural hair and when it comes to cutting a few steps out of the process, products like the Revair Reverse Air-Dryer work wonders. The RevAir will gently stretch and dry your hair, leaving a shiny, frizz-free finish in a fraction of the time. Yes, that even goes for natural hair! Check out some other amazing and healthy tips below to straighten natural hair without creating damage and take a lot of time, below.

Know what You Are Doing

I cannot stress this step ENOUGH.  Just because you were the queen of straight hair when you may have been relaxed, doesn't mean a darned thing when it comes to natural hair.Natural hair is different from chemically altered hair. It needs protecting, and that means your entire goal is to learnall about it so you can protect it properly. One of the best ways to learn about natural hair and how to care for it (which includes straightening natural tresses) is to educate yourself.  

Check outNatural Hair For Beginners, a comprehensive guide to training once-processed hair to return to its original state. 

Gaining the proper knowledge to not only straighten your natural hair but what products to use and how to use them is crucial to maintaining healthy hair. We are keeping you from heat damage! Heat damage occurs when direct heat is applied to natural hair on too high a setting and/or without heat protection like a heat protectant. Heat damage damages the hair shaft and hair loses its natural coil, curl or kink.  Heat damage is irreversible. These are terms and conditions one must be aware of to properly straighten and care for natural hair. 

Start With Clean Hair

You should always start with a clean slate when it comes to straightening natural hair, and that meansclean hair. Whether you are used to washing your hair only with a co-wash or simply hate shampoo, once you decide to rock a straight style, you want to ensure all hair products, dirt and anything else has been fully removed. Opt for a natural hair loving, yet fully cleansing shampoo that will remove all traces completely. You do not want to be using heat to seal dirt or old hair products into the hair strands which can weigh it down - or even begin to smell - by heating the old products or dirt into your strands.

Wash, condition and add some heat protectant or a hair primer like the Play It Straight - Rich Balm Hair Primer. This will get hair ready for proper drying and straightening. This brings us onto the next tip.

Use The Right Hair Products

When we are rocking our curls, we are all about maintaining moisture. Do you also want moisture when you are rocking a straight style? Yes, and no. You need moisture in the hair shaft, but you want the strands encapsulated properly so the moisture stays in and the moisture from outside (hello, humidity!), stays OUT.  You want your straight style to last and that requires using the right products that will keep it straighter for longer. So, you should steer clear of water-based products that are geared towards moisturizing your coils and curls. You need products that work for straightening your hair while also protecting it.

PLAY IT STRAIGHT - RICH BALM HAIR PRIMER - this product will strengthen your strands while adding moisture and lock out frizz and has an advanced thermal protectant that seals in shine.

WAVE GOODBYE CREAM-GEL HAIR PRIMER - Got high porous hair from damage or genetics like me? Then you will love this gel hair primer that works hard at sealing your hair cuticle and protects the hair from heat when you straighten it.

Use The Right Styling Tools

Now, to the best part. Getting your hair straight.  This requires some sort of styling tool and one of the best for smoothing and drying natural hair is the RevAir Reverse Air-Dryer.  The RevAir is a multi-functional hair tool that dries the hair in the natural direction of the cuticle, all while straightening and sealing in shine & softness. It works on all hair types - and that includes natural hair. RevAir performs 3 times faster than reported blow drying and straightening routines. That means getting your hair done quicker and without the damage from a high heat tool. 

RevAir works by not only moving heat in the natural direction of the hair's cuticle but also using consistent tension that effectively stretches and  straightens hair without a need for a brush which can cause damaging friction. The Reverse Air technology completely envelops strands, while pulling away water from the hair shaft. It's super easy to use, I know because I've used it myself. First-hand account here! 

RevAir is a great tool for any natural haired beauty who wants to wear straight, healthy hair. It's a styling tool worth keeping around on your natural hair journey. It's all about proper hair care that looks amazing and stays healthy. 

Sabrina Perkins is an expert on natural hair, beauty and style and has been writing for years. She's been busy the last ten years with two beauty blogs, sharing resourceful information to women of color. Her newest book,Natural Hair For Beginners, is recently launched and a must-have for learning about natural hair. It is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool complete with expertly explained definitions along with providing essential tools and techniques for maintaining strong, well-nourished hair.