Tips to Grow Your Natural Hair Faster


The number one goal across all hair types is healthy hair now and fast growth. Learn more about how to encourage strong, healthy natural hair growth. As with most things worth working for, growing out your hair takes time and consistency.

The secret to fast hair growth comes from nurturing your wellness. Self-care is a beautiful thing, after all. When we take care of ourselves, it shows in our hair, skin, nails, and smile. Wellness can take on a variety of forms, from what we put in our bodies to our daily hair care routine. Prioritizing ourselves is the best way to speed up natural hair growth, especially when we may not have time for weekly salon appointments. Adding a few more minutes to your morning routine can dramatically improve your hair's integrity, reverse the damage, and accelerate hair growth for curly hair. 

Welcome to the impatient girl's (and guy's!) guide to growing your natural hair faster.

Healthy Eating for Healthy Hair

Did you know that fast hair growth starts with healthy eating? Nutrition plays a key role in health and wellness. When you think about it, we prioritize nutrition for a variety of health and fitness goals. We up our vitamin D intake for muscle growth through high calcium, high protein diet, we fuel up on carbs for endurance and energy and try to get in a few fruits and vegetables to keep us going through the week.

Our hair follicles need fuel too! All 100,000+ of our hair follicles require essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for fast hair growth. These tiny bulbs are at the root of every radiant strand. Healthy hair starts in the cupboard with enriching foods that promote hair growth. So what foods are best for hair growth and how can we easily add them to our diet without spending a fortune on supplements? Let's take a closer look at the best vitamins for healthy hair and what foods contain these amazing beauty boosters.

1.) Vitamin A

Fun fact: Hair is one of the fastest-growing tissues in your body. Vitamin A is essential in the replenishment of cells and can be found in foods like dairy, fish, and greens. Yogurt, collards, and tuna are some of our favorite ways to enjoy the benefits of this vitamin. Best of all, vitamin A acts as a natural moisturizer to keep your lovely locks fresh. This is essential for dryness-prone Type 3 and Type 4 hair.

2.) Vitamin B12

B12, otherwise known as biotin, is great for healthy hair and nails. These vitamins strengthen and protect while fortifying against premature signs of aging such as dull or weakening hair strands. Salmon is an excellent source of B12 as well as whole grains.

3.) Vitamin C

Vitamin C combats free radicals and pollutants that cause damage and breakage of the hair strands. Even better, this fantastic supplement for healthy hair improves glow by brightening your curls. Be sure to get enough of this amazing vitamin in red berries, citrus fruit, and delicious blended smoothies for optimal hair growth.

4.) Copper

Copper is a super mineral for follicle health. This mineral aids in iron absorption stimulates blood flow to the hair follicle, and may even prevent premature greying along with its cousin, B12. Want to know the best part of adding copper to your healthy hair diet? This amazing mineral is found in our favorite snack; dark chocolate.  

5.) Iron

Hair loss is the number one enemy of hair growth. Luckily, fortifying your diet with essential nutrients like iron can dramatically decrease hair loss. Iron can be found in quinoa, lean red meats, and leafy greens like spinach.

6.) Omega-3's

Omega-3's are what many nutrition enthusiasts refer to as "good fats". These highly beneficial oils deliver essential proteins to the hair follicle, prevent hair follicle inflammation, and promote blood circulation to the scalp. The result? Voluminous, luxurious hair. Omega-3's can be found in a variety of tasty foods, including salmon, avocado, and eggs.


Damage Control for Curly Hair

If you're wondering how to get healthy hair and haven't had much success growing out your natural locks, this may be a sign that your hair is in need of a revival. Hair damage is the number one reason why your hair isn't growing. Over styling, excessive heat treating, and going too long between proper home hair care routines can all cause damage to your hair which in turn slows down growth. When the hair strands become too damaged, they will become brittle and break off at the end or root.

Reverse damage and prevent future by following a damage control routine for curly hair. Start by giving your hair a rest. Consider going for a protective style while your hair is recovering. Protective styles are a great way to enjoy different colors and look without damaging your actual hair strands. For ladies with Type 1 and Type 2 hair, extensions are also a high glam option for low-maintenance hair while your natural locks continue to grow out.

Next, consider a scalp treatment. Proper scalp care is often neglected during our beauty routine. However, a healthy scalp leads to faster hair growth and healthier curls. One DIY scalp treatment is to apply a few drops of oil (coconut, argan, tea tree, etc.) to your fingertips and massage your scalp for 10 minutes or so daily. If you'd like to go with a full scalp treatment, consider a hot oil massage at your favorite salon.

Challenge yourself to go heat and chemical-free while growing out your hair. You may be surprised to find that your natural hair responds better to a gentle home hair routine. RevAir's reverse air dryer is uniquely crafted with curly hair in mind to support fast hair growth while keeping your everyday hairstyle flawless.

Hair Growth Secrets for All Hair Types and Textures

No matter your hair type or texture, there are a few beauty secrets that are sure to kickstart slow hair growth. 

Moisture is key for all hair types. Curl patterns that fall on the curly and coily end of the spectrum (think Type 3 and Type 4 hair) will benefit from a leave-in conditioner treatment. Pure coconut oil is a great all-natural, DIY leave-in conditioner treatment for curly hair. Hair textures that are more on the wavy and straight end of the spectrum, and therefore more prone to oil, should opt for a gentle spritz of one part water, one part hair oil. Apply this amazing growth tonic every morning, before bed, or after a workout to lock in the nourishment.

The ends of every hair strand are often neglected in our everyday style routine. Seal your ends with extra hydration by applying your preferred moisturizer directly to the ends first. Massage the moisturizer into the hair to block out dryness and protect against harsh, environmental factors that may damage your lovely locks. Consider treating your hair to a mask once or twice a week. Masks are great for the day before wash day when the hair is already naturally oily. Remember -- not all oil is bad! Letting your hair get a little shiny is a great way to ensure your curls are staying healthy and hydrated.

When it comes to hairstyles for natural hair growth, avoid styles that pull on the hair follicles. This means reconsidering heavy locs and dreads for the time being and opting for a more delicate look like Senegalese twists. Likewise, fashionistas with thinner, straighter hair will want to avoid high ponies, braids, and tight buns. Get creative with loose hairstyles for the gym instead like space buns, low ponytails, fishtail braids, and more. These styles will keep your hair neatly out of your face without increasing hair loss. No more finding strands of hair in your elastic hair ties! Rock scrunchies and cloth hair ties instead to prevent frizz and, of course, breakage.

The easiest way to grow longer, fuller hair is simply being consistent in your styling routine. You don't need to spend hours in the morning working on your hair. In fact, a hands-off approach is great for fast hair growth. Follow a natural hair routine that includes plenty of moisturizing curly hair products, appropriately spaced out wash days, and great in-between styles for growing out natural hair. 

We know the journey to long, full locks can test our patience. At RevAir, we believe there are no awkward stages when it comes to styling your beautiful curls. Showing your natural hair some extra love now will help your luscious locks grow faster, feel softer, and dazzle longer with the sheer radiance of healthy hair.

Reach out to our Advisors with any questions on how RevAir can help kickstart your natural hair journey!