12 Best UV Heat Protectants for Your Hair

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Best Hair Heat Protectants: 12 Formulas That'll Keep Your Hair From Getting Fried

Cheers! Summer is finally here, and we couldn't be happier. If you're like most people, you've already picked out a few favorite summer outfits, filled out your calendar, and made travel arrangements. After all, it's the best time of the year, and you can't wait to have fun.

Well, how prepared are you to protect your hair from prolonged heat exposure? We all know just how brutal UV rays can be on the scalp and the fragile strands. One minute you're stepping out with glossy hair. The next minute, your hair looks dull and devoid of moisture.

Thankfully, there are products you can apply to your hair to keep it from getting fried. Your natural hair care friends at RevAir have done the digging, scoured every corner of the internet, and hand-selected the top 12 hair heat protectants that'll shield, protect, and strengthen your hair. 

Ready for the healthiest locks of your life? Let's dive in.


1. RevAir Bright Spot Shine Spray 

Our number one pick is the RevAir Tribology Complex Bright Spot Shine Spray. It is a detangling and thermal protection mist that provides hair with a gorgeous sheen and shine that looks amazing in the sun's natural light.

It is infused with RevAir's Tribology Complex, which contains hair-healthy ingredients such as Kukui Seed, Blueberry, Acai and Avocado oil that promotes strong and silky strands. Perfect to use with any hair type on wet or dry hair to detangle, add shine and increase manageability. Bright Spot also plays perfectly with our Tribology Hair Primers when used before heat styling. 

2. Joico Defy Damage Protective Shield

Coming in next on our list is the Joico Defy Damage Protective Shield. As a brand, Joico has gained a reputation as one of the most diverse, comprehensive, and technology-oriented producers of hair products.

In this Defy Damage serum, you'll find rosehip oil, keratin, and arginine, a bond-building molecule. Smoothing this serum on your hair before heading out helps shield the strands, coating it with a protective lipid that can withstand prolonged UV exposure and hold styles all day. Plus, it comes infused with Moringa Seed Oil, a rich source of antioxidants that leaves your hair looking shiny and super soft. 

For those days you'll spend by the beach, this product could come in handy.

3. Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil

Formulated with UVA/UBA filters derived from cinnamon bark oils and wintergreen, Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil is exactly what you need to get your summer going.

As a leave-in treatment, this product provides extra moisture for your hair, protects it from sun damage, and helps detangle the strands. The best part? Aveda Sun Care contains a light tropical aroma of 100% certified organic shea butter, coconut, and palm oils to condition and keep your hair frizz-free

4. SashaPure Smoothing Serum

Who knew one product could do so much? This multi-purpose hair heat protectant treatment is rich in amino acids, vitamins, and omegas, so it delivers a powerful dose of nutrients to your hair.

Beyond heat protection, SashaPure Smoothing Serum shields your hair from humidity and tangles. Voted the best multi-functional product, this serum leaves your strands with incredible bounce and miraculous shine. 

Apply SashaPure Smoothing Serum before going out with the girls, and you bet they'll be stealing glances at your hair all day long!

5. OUAI Heat Protection Spray

Color-treated or keratin-treated hair heat protectants don't get any better than the OUAI Heat Protection Spray. This lightweight treatment shields your hair from temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. For those summer days when you'll be too bored to apply serum, this product might do the trick.

Mist this spray all over your hair to coat strands with nutrient-rich prickly pear extract, which boosts shine and smooths frizz, and thermal polymers, which condition and protect. With notes of white musk, gardenia, ylang-ylang, and violet, OUAI Heat Protection Spray might be the best-smelling hair heat protectant on this list.

6. Sachajuan Hair In The Sun

For those of us who can't get away from the pool or the ocean, pick up this product. It's water-resistant and comes with an innovative UV filter that stays in the hair even after a dip.

Like sunscreen for your hair, Sachajuan Hair In The Sun protects your strands from harmful UV rays. Ooh, and did we mention that it leaves your hair with some really nice waves?

7. Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Color Velvetizer

A velvety leave-in treatment, Total Results Keep Me Vivid Color Velvetizer boasts a color-protecting UV filter and powerful heat protecting qualities. 

You can use it before you head out to the beach and after you get out of the shower—talk about versatility.

8. Rita Hazan Lock + Block Protective Spray

Many liken the Lock + Block Protective Spray to an umbrella—and it's easy to see why. It works brilliantly to shield your locks and scalp from sun damage. Not to mention that it can fit into any beach bag.

This product is essentially a weightless, multitasking mist that envelops hair with a potent blend of antioxidants and anti-sun agents. Spray directly on your hair from roots to ends, and don't forget to reapply as soon as you're out of the water.

9. ArtNaturals LUXE Avocado Thermal Shield

Ideal for curly hair, this ultra-nourishing spray is basically a suit of armor for your precious strands when they're up against the fierce UV rays.

Infused with a super boost of botanicals, Avocado Thermal Shield hydrates parched strands, prevents frizz, and hydrates hair in record time. 

10. BB Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Heat & UV Protective Primer

You know that feeling when you spend hours styling your hair, it looks awesome, then after some time on the beach, it's just… not awesome anymore?

This do-it-all UV protection primer that also doubles up as a leave-in conditioner aims to make that disappointing feeling a thing of the past. 

With a dose of six different feather-light oils, this product won't weigh down your hair. Instead, the Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer allows your style to remain intact for hours on end.  

If you have medium-to-thick hair, spray all over, from the roots to the edges—or wherever your hair is mostly dry. You can also use this magical UV protective primer as a leave-in treatment. Simply spray onto wet hair and then slick back into your favorite style.

11. Banana Boat Sport Quik Dri Scalp Spray Sunscreen SPF 30

Of all the hair heat protectants listed here, Sport Quik Dri Scalp Spray Sunscreen SPF 30 is by far the most affordable. It's non-greasy, beach-friendly, and won't run into your eyes. Plus, it comes with broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

Perhaps the one thing that stands out most about this product is that it's water-resistant, even for such a price. It's also very clear and practically dries up before you can say, "Beach volleyball, anyone?"

12. Oribe Power Drops Color Preservation Booster

It may claim to protect your color-treated hair, but that's not the only thing this highly concentrated serum can do. Power Drops Color Preservation Booster comes chock-full of antioxidants and amino acids, including Vitamin C, which serves to protect your hair from the brutal UV rays. 

Apply directly to the hair on its own, or mix a few drops with your preferred styling product. Then go out and have fun, peaceful in the knowledge that your hair isn't being fried in the process.

The result is tresses with gorgeous texture and magnificent shine.  

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Do Hair Heat Protectants Really Work?

There you have it, a comprehensive list of some of the best heat protectants out there. But you have tons of questions, and you won't have a good night's sleep until you get some answers.

So you're thinking, "But some of these hair protectants are overly expensive!" or, "They don't work!" or even, "They will make my precious strands look worse!" Allow us to tackle those concerns once and for all.

First, taking an extra minute or so to protect your hair from the unforgiving summer heat will pay off when the alternative is scheduling hours-long salon appointments trying to reverse the damage. Just think about it.

Second, hair protectants do work. 

Are they miracle workers that will protect your hair from UV damage forever and ever? Not at all. Your hair might still bear the brunt of prolonged sun exposure. But these products work in such a way that the UV damage is far less than what it would be without protection.

Lastly, UV protection technology has come a long way. Today's UV heat protectants are truly next-level. They pack a punch like never before, releasing doses of ingredients that protect your hair from everything that the sun throws at it. 


With a slew of options, there really isn't an excuse for not having one of these hair heat protectants in your vanity. So, go ahead and pick one, then enjoy the sun like there's no tomorrow!

If you're looking for the power and flexibility to style your hair in a healthy, natural way, without chemicals or high heat, RevAir has you covered. Our reverse-air technology stretches, strengthens, and dries hair 3X faster than traditional methods. Contact us today to learn more about how our revolutionary product can help you attain the hair of your dreams!