Give Your Curls a Vacation: 5 Tips for Summer Hair

Beautiful woman curly hair enjoying the beachSummer is a time to be carefree and unbothered. We're dreaming of beach vacations, bonfires, and nights on the town. Of course, summer hair care doesn't often make it onto anyone's bucket list, but giving your curls plenty of extra love is the key to great summer moments.  These quick and easy hair care tips can be worked into any schedule, so let your hair have a vacation of its own this summer. 

Woman applies conditioning hair mask to her curly hairMission: Moisturize

Hydration is a top priority once the summer sunshine is in full swing - for your body AND hair. That means adjusting your curly hair care routine with the seasons. If your hair is on the dry side, treated, or previously heat damaged, give those curls the break they deserve and avoid over washing. Aim for washing every 3-4 days for waves and looser curls, and every 1-2 weeks for tighter curls and coils. If your hair is less dry and more oily, you can implement scalp treatments to shed excess oil as well as utilize dry shampoo when you're in-between hair washing days.

Set aside time each week for a deep conditioning mask. Alternatively, you can treat your curls to a day at the salon for a glow and shine treatment. Argan oil, jojoba, coconut, and other naturally hydrating serums work well for maintaining softness throughout the season. Of course, staying hydrated is the best way to keep your whole body healthy and your hair radiant. Aim for 2.7 liters each day. Your hair and system will thank you for the extra boost.

Woman with Soft Curls walks with Beach BagGo-To Curl Care Products to Stash in Your Beach Bag

You've got your shades, your volleyball, your sunscreen -- what's missing from your vacation checklist? Your summer hair beach bag of course!

Be sure to include your curls in your summer plans this year. Heading to the beach with the products you need will make summer hairstyling easy and simple. Remember; curly hair is especially prone to dryness, especially if you're working with heat-damaged hair, to begin with. Sunbathing may be great self-care, but exposure to UV rays isn't necessarily the best hair care. Likewise, salt water strips away both moisture and color, eventually causing frizz, breakage, and dullness. It's important to protect your hair prior to fun in the sun and after to restore, nourish, and rejuvenate lost moisture.

The following products are the perfect summer hair items to fill your beach bag.

Detangling Spray

This is perhaps the most critical item on our go-to summer hair list. Not only will carrying a high moisture detangling spray serve as a reminder to give your curls a comb-through before heading out, but brushing and detangling your curls while wet is the best way to avoid breakage and hair loss. Allowing curly hair to dry fresh from the beach is the number one summer hair mistake we see. A spritz of detangling spray can untangle knots before they ruin your vacay style. 

UV Protectant

Don't forget to bring sunscreen for your curls too! Just like our skin, our hair needs a shield between it and direct sunlight. A simple UV protection spray is enough to keep your curls soft, bouncy, and vibrant.

Wet Brush

Compliment your curl products with a wet brush designed to give your hair lots of "slip" during the post-beach styling process. A round brush or boar bristle paddle brush are both great options for curly summer hair.

Boost Your Hair's Natural Defenses

Key in on vitamin C-rich masks for a little home spa day after the beach. Vitamin C is cooling and, when paired with essential antioxidants, can assist in reversing years of degradation for heat-damaged hair.

So grab your unicorn floaties and sun hat. It's time to dive straight into amazing summer hair.

Vitamins, Berries and Nuts for Hair HealthA Recipe for Great Hair: The Best Foods, Vitamins, and Nutrients for Curly Hair

Never underestimate the power of whole foods. A healthy diet can not only support healthy hair but actively work to reduce damage at the cellular level. As beauty expert Lyndsey Metrus notes,  "if the sun damage has already been done, try a regimen of topical antioxidants with vitamin C, sunscreen with zinc and titanium dioxide for maximum protection."

Prioritize antioxidants and key vitamins and nutrients for summer hair care. Antioxidants break down free radicals, strengthen integral keratin proteins for more resilient curls, and stimulate the growth of new hair follicles. Get your berries, your nuts and seeds, and even some dark chocolate for a summer snack. Antioxidants are found in a variety of sources for convenient meal planning.

Vitamins C, B12 complex, E, and A are all excellent supporters of healthy curls. These may be taken as supplements or better yet incorporated into one's diet through fish, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. Zinc is also excellent for growing healthy curls. You can find zinc in legumes, chicken, and fish, often alongside essential Omega-3 fatty acids.

Make eating well a summer hair bucket list goal. Nourishing your body is the best way to truly give yourself a vacation.

Fashionable Black Woman

Cut the Extra Length, Keep the Gorgeous Style

Planning a trip soon? Book a salon appointment beforehand and trim a few inches off your curls. Getting rid of split ends will help your hair grow in the long term and can make managing curly hair during the summertime far easier. Consider going for a chic lob or mini fro. If a full style change isn't in the cards for your curls, opt for simply taking a few inches off and treating your hair to a deep conditioning treatment. Reviving your hair with a curl-savvy stylist is a great way to start the season off right.

Setting aside time to pamper your curls will make your summer vacation even more magical.

Curly Haired Woman floating in swimming pool with tropical drinkSizzle With Style, Not Excess Heat

Heat-damaged hair is especially vulnerable during the summer months. Long-term UV exposure disrupts the hair's cellular structure, which eventually leads to hair loss and other common problems for curly-haired beachgoers. Even if your curls haven't been previously damaged, the toll that sun exposure combined with heat styling takes on curly hair is often underestimated. Now is the time to step away from the heat. While it may be tempting to reach for the curling iron whenever your summer look is starting to fade, going low-heat will ultimately benefit your summer hair. 

The top heat treatments to avoid this summer (and what to do instead!) include:

Heat Bonded Extensions

Avoid any extensions that must be heat bonded. Opt for hand-tied extensions instead. Looking for hair extension options for textured hair? Try yaki locks!

Curling Irons

We love a perfectly shaped curl as much as anyone, but did you know that direct, high heat contact can ruin your natural curl pattern? Put the curling iron away for the season and work with your natural hair to sculpt, style, and accentuate your curls. If you're looking to get in on the trend, try heatless hair wrapping before bed to achieve flawless curls in the morning.

Flat Irons

Summer is the best time to embrace your natural waves, coils, and curls! Avoid having your hair go flat by swearing off straightening irons. These high heat tools commonly reach temperatures up to 370*. A good rule of thumb is that if it's hot enough to bake a pizza, it's way too hot for your hair. If you'd like to achieve a smoother look, try argan oil to add softness and shine to your curls.

Traditional Hairdryers

If you've been thinking of redoing your home hair care setup, there's no better time to get rid of your old hairdryer than summer. Traditional hairdryers can cause scalp irritation, flaking and build-up, and tons of frizz even with a diffuser. Dive into something new this year and make the switch to reverse air hair-drying. This low-heat technique stretches, styles, and dries hair 3x faster than clunky, high-heat dryers. Save your hair the damage of high heat treatments and save yourself some time in the morning with RevAir's amazing styling tool, designed with all hair types in mind.

Summer may be the season to cast all your responsibilities away, but that doesn't mean you slacking on your curly hair care routine. We're tailoring our hair care to fit the occasion with tips so easy and simple that your curls will feel like they're on vacation too. From added hydration to beach bag must-haves, there's a tip on our list for every curl type and need.

What's your favorite summer hair care hack? Let us know and connect with us to show off your best summer hairstyles. Happy styling!