Repair & Revive Your Curls with 8 Simple Tips

Frizz and Damaged Hair: Repair & Revive Your Curls with 8 Simple Tips


Have you ever gone to bed with perfectly styled curls and woken to frizz, flyways, and dullness? Sometimes it can feel as if you're doing everything right for your hair, but still find that your curls often fall flat. Working with damaged hair is especially challenging. Hair that has been compromised already requires gentle treatment and extra TLC to bring your locks back to life. But what's the first step to restoring damaged hair? Where does one begin and is some damaged hair beyond saving?

Don't count your curls out quite yet. Bad hair days happen to the best of us. At RevAir, we're firm believers in the power of a healthy hair routine. No matter how compromised your damaged hair is, these 8 simple tips can help to give your curls new life. Enjoy fewer bad hair days and less frizz with a wellness-focused home hair care routine for your lovely locks.

1.) Power Up With Protein

Protein is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Your hair needs its daily protein shake too! 

Damaged hair occurs when the naturally occurring keratin proteins in each strand unravel. This causes the hair to lose its shape, shine, and structure, resulting in frizz. Replenishing lost protein helps restore overall hair structure for dry and damaged hair. As Dr. Sapna Palep, a board-certified dermatologist for Spring Street Dermatology in New York City explains, protein treatments repair compromised hair by "attaching hydrolyzed proteins to the hair cuticle which then hardens it and prevents further damage."

So what are the best ways to bulk up your hair's natural defenses? Look out for these key ingredients in protein enriching shampoos, conditioners, and masks:

  • Creatine. This amazing healthy hair supporter helps increase strength to help rebuild the cuticle. Adding extra creatine to your routine is especially recommended for hair that's regularly color-treated or heat-styled.
  • Collagen. Keratin is made up of several key amino acids. Most of these protein-building blocks are naturally found in collagen. 
  • Argan Oil. The luxurious proteins in argan oil promote protein binding and enhance shine. While argan oil is one of the most popular hair treatments, all silk-derived amino acids commonly found in butter and oils will boost and fortify your lovely locks.
  • Keratin. Of course, any high-quality formula offering keratin support for your hair is a reliable source of protein. Keratin restores and maintains your natural curl pattern.

If you're looking to treat your hair to a complete revival, opt for a keratin treatment or bond building treatment at your local salon for less frizz and more style.

2.) Don't Overuse Shampoo

While it may seem like damaged hair is just hair that needs extra washing, nothing could be farther from the truth. 

Remember, every time you get your hair wet, your natural moisture is stripped away. Textured hair and curly hair are the most prone to drying and frizz from over washing. The scalp's natural oils -- or sebum -- are what give curls their form and shape. If your curl pattern has been falling flat lately, it's likely due to dryness. Harsh products such as sulfate dense shampoos y the issue.

As a general rule, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends beauty gurus with Type 3 and Type 4 hair wash their curls no more than once a week to every other week for optimal hair health.

3.) Multitask with Wet Brush or Wide-Toothed Comb

Curly-haired beauties know that detangling their mane is a process. Hair is more flexible when wet and less prone to breakage. The perfect sweet spot for detangling is right before you apply shampoo and conditioner. Post-shower hair is stiff and liable to snap coffin the comb. On the other end of the spectrum, dry hair is difficult to get a brush through, especially if it's thick and coarse.

Invest in a quality wet brush or detangling comb designed for your hair type. Give your hair a simple comb through as the first step in your shower routine. You can continue to work through tangles with your fingers, gently pulling apart any lingering knots. When it's time to step out, you'll be surprised to find that your curls hold their shape more easily once dry.

4.) Moisturize to Maximize Shine

Damaged hair occurs when the hair cuticle lacks proper hydration. Moisture is stripped away by several processes; from sun exposure to chemical treatments and everyday heat styling. This causes the hair to break off, creating split ends and flyaways. Healthy curls retain their youthful elasticity, exquisite curl pattern, bounce, and shine. 

Get your hair back to its best with enhanced moisture shampoos and conditioner. Add a weekly mask treatment or leave-in conditioner routine to your home hair care. Your locks will feel extra soft and nourished within a few weeks of consistent hydration. When shopping for the right moisturizer for curly hair, focus on all-natural oils, butter, and vitamins. Vitamin B-5 increases moisture in the hair follicle and is a great supplement for healthy hair. Other hair-healthy vitamins include C, D, and E for optimal moisture retention and shine.


5.) Don't Neglect Regular Trims

Maintaining natural curls is a commitment. We promise the extra care is worth it for restoring damaged hair and enjoying the best natural hairstyles without worrying about frizz.

Book an appointment to get your curls in for a trim. Snipping split ends and damage promotes new growth and makes your curls easier to detangle. Regular "micro trims" every three months won't impact your natural hair growth goals, but salon visits will help your hair grow evenly and look healthier. If you want to skip the salon, you're in luck. Curly hair is easy to trim at home. Remember to always trim your hair when it's dry by pulling your curls forward and taking off excess length.

6.) Consider a Chop or a Protective Style

If damaged hair is severely impacted, it may be time for a new style. 

Short, curly hair is trending in the celebrity fashion world and on the streets. Go for the big chop or even consider a buzz! The boldness and style of your new look are a great way to start loving your hair again while giving your locks time to strengthen and regrow. If you'd rather not lose your length completely, another alternative is getting a protective style. Braids, cornrows, and locks are versatile ways to have fun with your hair, while still protecting your natural curls from over processing. 

7.) Take a Break from the High Heat

Heat damage is one of the most common curly hair problems. If you were glued to your straightener in high school, chances are your hair is still recovering from those awkward teenage years. Heat creates lasting damage to curly hair. In fact, once the heat reaches above 250-300 degrees Fahrenheit, your hair's curl pattern will start to unravel. At 450 degrees, hair starts to burn.

Heat-damaged curls often appear flat, loose, and brittle (think fried). When this occurs, it's best to give your hair a rest for as long as possible. This means taking a break from chemical treatments and hair color alongside flat irons and blow dryers. The chemical reaction caused by frequent coloring and treatment creates heat at the molecular level, causing the strand to frizz. The best thing you can do for your hair is to stay away from heat for at least a month, then gradually implement a reduced heat styling schedule.

For instance, if you straighten your hair every day, opt for every three days to once a week instead. Always use a high-quality heat protectant spray to shield your locks and trap in hydration. During no-heat days, get creative with sculpting products designed for curly hair. There's a wide range of styles for your curls that don't involve any heat at all!

8.) Low Heat, No Problem

Ready to be a real revolutionary in the curly hair game? Break up with your blow dryer for good and go heat-free forever.

You may find that after a month of resting your hair, you've gotten too used to the amazing softness and glow. However, you may be missing the efficiency of a freshly blow-dried do. 

With RevAir, there's no need to compromise. You can enjoy healthy hair and flawless style with the power of reverse air technology.  RevAir's unique designuses innovative technology to dry, stretch, and straighten -- all without frying your curls. The aerodynamically designed wand glides through braids and coils, while gently smoothing loose curls and even ultra-fine hair. Simply wash, towel dry, detangle, and style your beautiful hair with your RevAir wand.

Best of all, RevAir works on all hair types from naturally curly, coily, and wavy to straight, and textured hair. Section your hair for optimal results.

There's no such thing as a bad hair day, just bad hair habits that can create frizz and damaged hair over time. Once we learn to reverse these habits, our curls can begin to thrive. Contact our style team for more tips on keeping your curls at their best.