Fall Haircare Tips for All Hair Types

Biracial woman with blonde, coily hair smiling at the camera while wearing a turtleneck

Fall is the perfect time for a change in haircare. As the seasons shift to reveal bold colors and vibrant hues, our fall hair routine deserves a change too. Too many beauty gurus stick with the same routine year-round. Not only is the same old beauty routine a bit boring, but our hair also has different needs throughout the year. Factors like humidity, cold, and seasonal trends can all affect how we achieve our best hair ever.

Get your #autumnvibes on trend with these amazing fall haircare tips for all hair types. Great hair is at the top of our fall gratitude list and your friends at RevAir want to make sure your hair is ready for the season.

Join us on an autumn-inspired haircare journey for all hair types, curl patterns, lengths, and goals. Happy styling!

Say Goodbye to Summer Styles and Hello to Fall Hair

Ah, summer. Beach days, bonfires, hiking the trails, and soaking up the sun.

Of course, when those long summer days finally come to an end, our hair can suffer from split ends and dryness. 

Summer weather can start your fall hair off on the wrong foot. That's why it's important to implement a farewell summer clarifying routine to start your new haircare regimen with a clean slate. Environmental factors can leave our hair with a lot of excess buildup. Everything from excess product buildup to dirt and minerals to hard water and chlorine can leave residue behind. 

Adding a clarifying treatment to your haircare routine can unclog the hair follicles and cuticles, restoring proper nutrition and opening your hair up to natural moisture. This helps prevent new bacteria from forming on the scalp and potentially prevent hair loss. For fine hair (Type 1 and Type 2), try a gentle DIY clarifying treatment with natural ingredients like baking soda. Type 3 and Type 4 hair can also benefit from a fall hair treatment with products designed to get curly hair ready for a protective style in the winter or simply for healthy hair growth.

Start fresh and love your fall hair!

Time for a Haircut

If you've been considering the big chop, fall is the perfect time to get rid of excess length. There's no better feeling than leaving behind fried ends and damaged hair. A new season means a new you. A fresh haircut is a great way to start your fall haircare routine by encouraging healthy regrowth.

Taking your natural hair from summer to fall without at least a trim can leave your hair carrying lots of dead weight. Check out the best fall hair trends instead. Bobs and lobs are great accessories to sweaters and scarves. Adding messy layers can help give volume and movement to thinner hair types, while regular trims are one of the best ways to support growing out natural hair that tends to be on the curly or coily end of the spectrum. If you're hoping to maintain length while still giving your natural hair room to grow, autumn is the perfect time to consider hair extensions or a protective style. Faux hair gives you the freedom of creativity to explore new looks without the commitment.

Of course, if you're interested in a more permanent autumn glow-up, adding a pop of color to your fall haircare routine revives tired summer locks. Lighter hair is fading, and deeper shades are the most popular fall color of the season. Go dark with rich mahogany, deep auburn, and caramel balayage. Since hair naturally darkens in the fall, "beating mother nature to the punch" as Sasha Ivanosky-Schow of Estetica Salon recommends is a great way to enjoy a smooth transition with no awkward fall hair color phase. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, mix it up with daring fashion colors. Dark blues, purples, and greens are a lovely look for offsetting the pastel hues of summer.

Maximize Moisture

Dry air is the ultimate style killer. Time to develop the ultimate fall haircare routine instead to combat the winter blues.

Moisturizer is the most important tool in your fall hair arsenal. Just as we stock up on lotion and facial moisturizer for dry skin in the fall and winter months, our hair needs a boost of added hydration too. Opt for moisturizing hair products designed to nourish and protect. A good hair moisturizer should be rich in Vitamin E and B, infused with naturally hydrating ingredients like Argan oil and Manuka honey, and free of harsh chemicals, sulfates, and parabens. These additives strip away the hair's natural moisture, counteracting the benefits of a hydrating product.

Stick with quality hair products for all hair types. Next, treat yourself to a hair mask two to three times a week. Save time on your morning routine by making the most of your beauty sleep instead. Avoid adding extra dryness to your haircare routine by going no-heat-treating-November. A reverse air hairdryer provides versatile styling options without the need for straighteners and curlers, giving your hair a break and a chance to recapture lost moisture and shine.

Caucasian woman happily showing off her new fall hair outdoors

Add Drama and Volume for All Your Holiday Gatherings

Nothing says festive like big, dramatic hair. Unfortunately for our holiday photos, the drop in humidity during the fall months has a way of causing our hair to go flat. Type 1 and Type 2 hair may appear thinner and limper, while Type 3 and Type 4 hair is prone to flatter curls and more pronounced frizz. 

Don't let your hair become a hallmark of spooky season. Find a volumizing product that carries your style all the way to the new year with vibrant, bouncy locks and rich, luscious tresses. Most beauty gurus prefer adding a simple volumizing spray for their at-home fall haircare routine. Investing in a travel-sized bottle for on-the-go styling is a great way to hack gym hair and save time on styling.

To preserve your hair's integrity, try wrapping your lovely locks in a silk scarf at night. This technique is a tried and true way for preserving your curl pattern if your hair tends to be more on the Type 3 and Type 4 end of the spectrum. For Type 1 and Type 2 hair, consider treating yourself to silk pillowcases instead to minimize flat hair bedhead, or sleep with your hair in a braid for soft waves.

Fight the Fall Frizz

Sometimes, despite the best of efforts and the most proactive haircare routine, fall hair is still prone to frizz. Frizz happens to the best of us!

Start by changing your daily routine. Avoid leaving your hair wrapped in a towel for hours and cut back on your hair washing schedule while you're at it. Giving your hair a break keeps the frizz at bay. Consider using filtered or bottled water when showering. Tap water is often hard and mineral-dense, while filtration allows for softer, sleeker locks after a shower. It's also a good idea to stay away from over-brushing your hair after washing. Finer hair types are more prone to breakage, while thick, curly hair has a tendency to become frizzier.

Next, pick a frizz-free workout style. Whether you're out on the trails or hitting the treadmill, exercise can work your hair into overtime. Frizzy post-workout hair is especially frustrating for those short on gym time who'd like to go from workout to night out without a midday haircare routine. Keep a few easy gym hairstyles on standby such as pigtails, cornrows, side braids, and headbands or hats for outdoor exercise. 

Lastly, stock up on serums and leave-in conditioner. These products are great for restoring your hair's natural elasticity. If you'd like to make your own DIY hair mask for fighting frizz, add hair healthy ingredients to your fall craft list. A few great home remedies for frizzy hair include avocado, coconut oil, and even egg. 

With a little extra care during the colder months, every hair type can stay flawless and frizz-free.

Try a Scalp Treatment

Fall haircare starts at the scalp. While this is often a neglected part of a good fall hair routine, taking care of your skin is equally important. 

In addition to a healthy clarifying routine, try stimulating blood flow to the scalp with a gentle massage. This promotes oxygenation which in turn supports the growth of new hair follicles. Exfoliating the skin is a great way to clear away dead skin cells and promote renewal as well. Limit chemical treatments such as bleach, straightening, and perms. Overdoing these treatments can irritate the scalp, and in turn your hair.

Giving your scalp the TLC it deserves is a fantastic way to practice self-care in the fall months.

What's Your Favorite Haircare Hack for Fall? 

Fall is our favorite season for debuting a new look. With a few simple healthy hair hacks, every hair type can embrace change with flair and fabulousness. After all, the best accessory is beauty that glows from the inside out. What's your favorite autumn haircare hack? Let us know and jump into the season with renewed confidence, boldness, and style.