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You're never too little to learn about loving your natural hair! From tight coils to carefree waves and everything in between, we are here to foster confidence and pride in our littles. The tools and skills they gain from a young age will instill a positive sense of self-worth throughout their entire lives. They'll love caring for their curls, coming up with new styles, and celebrating the beauty of healthy, nurtured hair. These are the kind of bonding moments we cherish.

Start with a curly kids' bedtime routine for sweet dreams and low-maintenance mornings. Not only will a soothing bedtime hair routine for curly kids help your little ones to settle in, but you'll also save time rushing them off to school. RevAir has put together a simple guide to inspire your own routine. Sleep well knowing your little one's hair is healthy and cared for. 

Be Positive

We know brushing out your toddler or young child's hair isn't always the most enjoyable activity. Caring for natural hair in children can be time-consuming. The ritual of natural hair care may even test your patience from time to time. With fussy little ones and only so much time in the day, it's easy to treat natural hair care like a chore. Flipping this perspective impacts how our children view themselves and their beauty.

Commit to starting each bedtime hair care routine with a smile. Speak positively about your child's hair (and your own!) to lead by example. Amazing, distinct, curls may take more time than other hair types, but that's simply because nurturing radiance takes extra dedication. Use this time to give your child affirmations. Let them know they are beautiful, worthy, strong, and capable of great things. Ask your children important questions like how their day was and what they like most about their hair. If you aren't sure where to start, take some inspiration from these adorable Slumberkins affirmation cards.

Be Consistent

Children thrive on routine. Establish a time for your nightly hair care routine and do your best to stick to it. As with any healthy habit, the more consistency we can foster as parents, the easier it is for our little ones to embrace the routine. Have your own "spot" for hair care and start your routine early in the evening so your child won't be tired and cranky. These healthy habits quickly become part of the day and you'll soon find that you and your little one look forward to the nightly habit.

Of course, there will be times when you'll have to deviate from your normal routine. If there's a big change on the way such as a vacation, let your child know well in advance. This helps prevent anxiety surrounding their bedtime routine and allows children to feel empowered and in control of the decisions being made around them.

Be Gentle

Remember; you're working with tiny heads and sensitive little scalps! Practice gentle natural hair care with your child. Use pain-free detangling techniques before bed to smooth out any knots. Apply a leave-in conditioner with plenty of "slip" to allow the brush to glide through for ouchless styling. Be gentle on your child's scalp and try not to tug or pull on stubborn tangles. You can always work through any lingering snares in the morning.

Remember to always detangle hair when wet. Working with dry hair can quickly lead to breakage. While it's a good idea to gently brush out your child's hair before bed, big detangling sessions are best saved for wash day. If your child struggles with tangles, consider adding more leave-in conditioner to your daily routine.

When it comes to heat-treating natural hair, most traditional hair dryers are way too hot for sensitive little scalps. Switch to a reverse air-drying option instead. Not only is the design more fun and kid-friendly, but the whole process takes less than half the time of high-heat blow dryers. Plus, the RevAir is so simple and safe to use that your child will enjoy styling their own hair while you guide the process.

Curly Kids Bedtime Hair Routine

Be Nurturing

It's essential to nurture natural hair by locking in moisture each night. One of the most popular ways to ensure your child's hair stays hydrated is by using  DIY hair serum. Simply add water, and a drop or two of leave-in conditioner, and mix in your favorite oil and fragrance combo. Our favorites include coconut, jojoba, and avocado oil lightly scented with bergamot or a refreshing mint spritz. Seal each strand with oil, starting from the ends of the hair upwards. You can also add a hair mask to your nightly routine once or twice a month.

A good method for styling long natural hair in children is to section the hair before bedtime. Try doing loose braids or twists to prevent your child's hair from falling out of place. While sectioning the hair, you can also add a gentle scalp massage to your nightly routine. This will help your child relax and unwind while promoting healthy circulation. It's also a great parenting hack for distracting your curly kids long enough to get those braids in.

While you're nurturing a sense of pride and style in your little one, it's also the perfect opportunity to discuss the role of a healthy diet in hair care. Talk about how eating well and eating the right foods is not only good for your body but essential for healthy hair growth. Fresh fruits, green veggies, healthy fats, and energy-giving carbs all work together to form the building blocks of strong, radiant hair.

Be Fun

Natural hair care isn't a chore, so don't fall into the habit of treating it like one. Make hair time fun with a nightly routine that both you and your child can enjoy. Put on a favorite bedtime playlist or audiobook to unwind. Invite your child to be a part of the routine by letting them pick out their own colorful clips, detangling brush, and even add a few stickers to their spray bottle to jazz things up. Ask them what new hairstyles they'd like to try next. Show them pictures of celebrities rocking all-natural hair and encourage discussion.

If you're a mom (or dad!) who loves DIY hair care, don't be afraid to get your curly kids involved. Let them pick out different scents for their oil-based serum. Jojoba oil and rose will have your little one feeling like a princess in no time! Tie it all together in a personalized home hair care kit that your child can decorate and make their own. All you need is a storage tub, dividers, and boundless creativity.

If you really want to make bedtime hair care for curly kids exciting, surprise your child with a few colorful extensions or braids. Pick your child's favorite color and weave these fantastic faux locks. We recommend clip-in hair extensions for curly kids as these are the most versatile and the easiest to install. You can change them up each week or leave your favorite colors in. Clip-in extensions rarely fade and are available as yaki textured hair.

Caring for your child's natural hair goes beyond simple hair care. A bedtime routine for children with natural hair is an opportunity to make memories.

Curly Kids Bedtime Hair Routine | Mom and Daughter haircare


Every child's hair is unique and special. Celebrate the diversity of curls and coils by teaching your child to cherish their lovely locks. Learning proper hair care from a young age better equips children to understand how to take care of their natural hair as adults. Although their hair care routine may take a bit longer than their friends who do not have textured hair, the stunning result is well worth the extra attention.

The final step in protecting your child's beautifully distinct hair is wrapping their curls comfortably in a satin bonnet. Let your child pick out their own bonnet with an adorable pattern to get them excited about wearing it. This will prevent fraying and damage from the friction of tossing and turning on cotton sheets. Making a habit of sleeping without a bonnet can lead to breakage and dryness. Alternatively, if your child struggles with wearing a bonnet every night, satin or silk pillowcases are a great low-maintenance option for keeping natural hair soft and protected throughout the night.

We can't wait to see the next generation of naturalistas take the style scene by storm! Remember; it all starts with an amazing home hair care routine. You are your child's first influence and their most important cheerleader. Make your impact count by developing a cozy home hair care routine that you and your little one can both look forward to.

Looking to learn more about caring for natural hair? No matter where you are in your natural hair journey, the RevAir team has you covered. Reach out to our RevAir experts today.

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