Caring for Your Natural Hair as You Age

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As we age, thinning hair is always a possibility. Usually, it’s hereditary. However, it’s a myth that only men start experiencing thinning hair when they become older. How do you keep your natural hair luscious and full as you age?

It can seem overwhelming trying to figure out how to save your hair. How do you go about creating a hair loss prevention method? Preventative steps can be taken now to help keep your hair looking healthy and to prevent any potential breakage.

Here are steps on how to care for your natural hair as you age:

Prevent Dry Hair

Once we get older, dry hair becomes a big problem. Our scalps usually stop producing oil, which gives our hair that natural, lustrous sheen.

Find shampoos that help thicken hair. Healthline points out that although many products are on the market, far too many shampoos contain harsh ingredients. Those ingredients only remove more oil from your hair, including the fatty acids used to make your hair look shiny.

It's best to look for all-natural shampoos as a revitalization method. Companies like Dove have revitalizing shampoosthat use moisturizers to prevent ongoing dryness. Dove is a great example of a company using its platform for social good-their CROWN Act Campaign, in collabration with the CROWN Coalition, is working to end hair discrimination. You can purchase and shampoo knowing your money is going towards a company that cares about you.

Afterward, you'll want to consider using the right type of drying method to prevent harm to your hair again. Using a dryer with reverse-air technology eliminates any chance of further hair damage from high heat or chemicals.

Increase Your Hair's Fullness with Conditioner

Maybe you've avoided conditioners recently due to being too busy to use one. It's vital to start using one again, and regularly. When you do, it'll help prevent your natural hair from looking dull as you age.

Besides, conditioners always make your hair look fuller if you're already experiencing some thinning. Various products are out there to try, including ones that combine shampoo with conditioner. When experiencing overly flat hair, it's best to use a moisturizing conditioner.

If you still experience dry natural hair, you will want to try Bright Spot Detangle & Shine Spray from RevAir to give your hair more luminescence.

Make Your Hair Look Fuller with Mousse

Boosting the volume of your hair always benefits you when you're older. The use of a reliable mousse product is a good idea to add more shape.

What should you look for in a mousse, though? Find one with the best possible frizz control. Also, look for one offering the best possible hold on your hairstyle.

Fortunately, many mousse hair products today are more advanced in making hair look fuller. As L'Oreal notes, the old mousses you once used likely had overly stiff residues that only caused more hair damage. Nowadays, many mousse products add more definition to your hair than ever before.

The key here is to not use too much product. In scenarios where you're already starting to see thinning hair, it's best to use the mousse first before you start any hairstyling.

Bring More Protection to Weak Hair

You may be noticing your hair is already showing signs of weakness at your age. This may be a sign you'll experience some thinning in another decade or sooner.

You're going to have to take some precautions here to protect your hair as much as possible. A major drawback is using too many heat styling tools at home or while visiting hair salons. These often do more damage than anything else when your hair isn't naturally healthy.

While protection sprays are available to protect from the heat of dryers, you should consider using a different type of hair dryer if possible. Look into a reverse-air hairdryer as a way to eliminate damage from heat.

At RevAir, our reverse-air dryer can help to protect your thinning and aging natural hair immediately. It can replace not only any prior hairdryer, but also your flat iron.

Improve Your Hair Roots

Practical methods are available to help flat-looking hair look more full as it dries. One good way is to simply pin up your hair during the drying process. Plus, you can buy products that help your roots. Sometimes, simple hairsprays work after your hair is styled. Some hairsprays have harsh chemicals, though, so be sure to choose a gentle one.

When you're older, you might want to consider using a round brush. Concentrate on the roots to help build volume again. After a certain age, changing your hairstyle might also be in the cards to make hair care simpler.

More women with thinning and aging hair embrace shorter hair to make it easier to care for, while still using many of the techniques listed above.

Avoid Harsh Treatments or Bleaches

You may be planning to do some extensive treatments to your aging hair to try something different. Many treatment chemicals cause irreversible hair follicle damage, so avoid using these if you can.

Using bleaches is not a good idea either, as tempting as it is to want to change hair colors. Aging may mean wanting to dye your hair back to its original color, or trying something more adventurous.

Avoid these at all costs if you think you're vulnerable to hair loss. Any highlights, peroxide, or perms should be set aside. Thankfully, you have other things you can do to treat your aging hair and still make yourself look youthful.

Above all, avoid styling tools emanating high heat since those only dehydrate your hair, causing further thinning in the years ahead.

Buy a Hairbrush with Natural Fibers

For years, you've possibly been using hairbrushes that aren't very soft, or without natural fibers on them. As a result, you've probably noticed clumps of hair coming out in the bathroom every morning due to these harsh hairbrushes being so widely available.

Do a little more research on hairbrushes and find a soft one. If you can't find one in stores, go through Amazon or other online beauty product stores.

Most importantly, consider the natural aspects of the fiber in the brush. Buying a natural brushhelps promote healthy oils on your scalp. This ultimately helps condition your hair cuticles in the process, including improving circulation.

A secret to having hair grow back is to improve circulation in your hair follicles.

Caring for Aging Hair Beyond Beauty Products: Low-Level Light Therapy

Some women experiencing thinning hair use low-level light therapy to increase cell growth. Women with alopecia, especially, continue to see some benefits to this therapy.

Keep in mind this can be a costly process, if well-worth it. Low-level lasers involved are much safer and never get hot. Instead, they bring better blood flow to your scalp, creating more nutrients and energy to keep your hair growing.

Treatments for this are varied, including using a laser comb as an alternative. Even a small helmet is available to wear under a cap.

You can also get these treatments in a doctor's office.

Diet Tips to Help Aging and Thinning Hair

Your diet may also contribute considerably to how your hair thins over time. Getting as many antioxidants as you can is important to improve hair health.

Antioxidants help fight off oxidative stress, a common problem in so many women. You likely often experience stress yourself, which can very easily lead to hair loss. To get antioxidants, try eating more fruits and vegetables. Foods like blueberries, spinach, beans, and kale are some foods you should consume every day.

Stay away from sugar and processed fats if you can. These only contribute more to the oxidation process in your body. Also, avoid alcohol as much as possible, and eliminate smoking from your life.

Using Supplements for Healthier Hair

Any beauty products you use should use natural ingredients since any harsh chemicals never do your body good. The same goes for your diet. Not getting enough vitamins and minerals can often make your thinning hair only become worse.

Women often take iron supplements later in life to overcome menstrual cycles. Anemia is a direct cause of thinning hair, so take some iron every day if you're not. Other supplements to take should include zinc, niacin, selenium, vitamin D, and vitamin B-12.

As you shop for beauty products, know all our hair products at RevAir are natural. Along with our revolutionary reverse-air hairdryer, we want you to age gracefully and use the right hair products for life.

Contact us to learn more about our RevAir dryer and other hair products we offer.