Caring for Aging Hair in the Summer: Do's & Don'ts

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Good Day Sunshine: The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Aging Hair in the Summer

From wind and rain to funky fashion colors and bleach, our hair puts up with a lot. The average head of natural hair undergoes hundreds of changes throughout our early 20's and 30's, not to mention those wild teen years (who thought THOSE bangs were a good look?). It's not surprising all of our “don't-care” days have done some damage to our delicate curls. How do you prepare your aging hair for the heat of summer?

If your hair has been telling you "I'm too old for this nonsense!" lately, your lovely curls may need a summer vacation! Give your mature hair the relaxing getaway it deserves this summer with these fabulous tips for caring for aging hair. We promise your curls will thank you with many more years of stunning at beach parties and dazzling on hot nights out. 

Natural hair love is the hottest trend this season and a great reason to protect your curls.

Hello, Sunshine. Goodbye, UV Damage.

The summer can be a particularly challenging time for rocking an amazing, vibrant head of hair. As we age, our hair begins to lose some of its natural pigment and youthful elasticity. This means it's a little slower to recover from harsh UV damage. The summer sun may feel warm and wonderful, but UV rays break down the cellular structure of the hair follicle, stripping away color and moisture.

For aging hair in the summertime, this can cause dullness, telltale gray strands, and a brittle, thin texture. Some Type 3 and Type 4 curly-haired sun goddesses even notice their hair texture changes as they age, becoming less full and voluminous. Breakage is often notable during the active summer months with more obvious clumps of hair catching in combs and elastics.

So does this mean a sophisticated beauty guru has to give up sun worshipping for the sake of maintaining her gorgeous hair and lush curls? 

Don't retire your bikini just yet! Summer hair care doesn't mean cutting back on your sunny day activities. Protecting your natural hair from sun damage is as simple as taking a few extra precautions during the warmer months. Years of sun damage can even be reversed with a few healthy hair habits.

The first and most critical step is selecting a quality protectant. We never leave the house without sunscreen to shield our delicate skin. Our hair deserves the same pampering. Look for products for natural hair that contain UVA and UVB filters designed to protect textured curls as part of a summer hair care routine. Spritz generously, including your scalp which is often forgotten until a sunburn strikes.

If you're fresh out of protectant or simply need a little extra hair care love for aging hair, rock an adorable hat to keep your curls in place. Retro sun hats are coming back in style and our curly-haired community can't wait to try them out this summer! Baseball caps and snapbacks are always a cute active look that protects while keeps your hair neatly out of your face. A lovely silk scarf is always on-trend. It’s a great, functional look for natural hair.

With a bit of prep and care, your hair will be summer sun-ready in no time.

Hair Care that Goes Swimmingly

Mermaids don't show their age and neither should your hair. If you love swimming and water sports, take extra good care of your mature hair in the summer. This may include wearing a bathing cap to keep harsh chlorine and saltwater away from your curls. If you'd rather let your hair flow freely, try a protective style like braids or twists to prevent tangling and breakage. 

Refresh your DIY hair usingprotective coconut oil and Ylang Ylang wax on wet hair after you're done swimming. Throw your hair up in a bun after combing this formula through to protect wet strands from UV exposure. When possible, opt for swimming in lakes and natural bodies of water that are free of harsh chemicals, chlorine, and salt. Consider prepping your hair with awater defense formulaprotectant to keep your curls from looking less than stunning after you get out of the pool.

Always brush wet hair gently to avoid breakage, using a paddle brush or round brush depending on your curl type. If your hair is especially delicate, avoid brushing altogether and give your curls some time to dry off before styling.

Once your post-swim hair care routine is done, head back under your umbrella and reward yourself with a cold beverage. Caring for aging hair in the summer is as easy as a day at the beach. Flawless mermaid curls may look effortless, the secret of your hair care routine is just as simple.

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Summer Loving and Summer Living with Mature Hair

Incorporate a few simple hair care steps into your daily summer routine to prevent brittleness and breakage. When working out or preparing for outdoor activities, avoid tight hairstyles that tug and yank on your delicate strands. Be mindful of your hair and give your curls some extra love by using tangle-free elastics and sticking to creative, loose styles like low buns, twists, and headbands.

You can also cut back on shampooing as part of your summer hair care routine with aging hair. Lack of moisture is the primary concern for natural hair in the summer months. When moisture is stripped from our curls, they lose their natural bounce and elasticity. This came to compromise the texture, strength, and shine of your hair. When we shampoo and clarify, we're stripping away more hydration along with any debris. 

Give your hair a break and enjoy a few extra days ofco-washing this summer. You can also rely on dry shampoo for natural hair and active lifestyles rather than adding in extra wash days. Be sure to select products with nourishing ingredients designed to moisturize rather than simply style and sculpt. 

Want to give your products a break? Read up on the best styles of unwashed hair on the days between shampoo sessions. Space buns, low buns, head wraps, and scarves are some of our favorites. These ageless styles pair great with bold earrings, flip-flops, maxi dresses, and all things summer as you and your hair get ready for another day in the sun.

Reverse Damage to Aging Hair This Summer

If your hair has had a few memorable summers behind it, it's time to prioritize natural hair health and wellness in your summertime hair care routine. Reversing damage to mature hair is simple and easy with a little extra pampering.

Restore your hair's natural hydration with arich, indulgent masque for natural curls. Focus on wholesome ingredients like Manuka honey, coconut oil, shea butter, aloe, and Jojoba oil. Heavenly botanicals like rose extract and elderflower will keep your hair looking and smelling great as natural antioxidants work to repair and restore years of damage. Start a regular after-sun routine for aging hair. You'll quickly notice the difference in texture, shine, and fullness. 

Adding more conditioner to your natural hair routine is great for reversing aging hair and restoring a youthful glow. Type 3 and Type 4 curly hair is especially prone to frizz in the summer months. This can become more prominent as you age due to breakage and brittleness. Use a deep conditioner 3x a week to give your curls a boost. The bounce and shine will give aging natural hair a revitalized style just in time for summer vacation. 

Speaking of vacation, it's time to stock up on travel-sized natural hair productsfor the summer holidays. Dedicating an extra 20-30 minutes of your morning hotel routine to showing your hair some love will make your Instagram moments even more stunning. You might discover your summer vacation hair needs no filter with a fabulous hair care routine for any destination on the map.

If you're looking to give your hair a break this summer and try a new, bold, dynamic style, consider hair extensions.Yakihair is a great choice for hair that could use a rest while giving the illusion of endless, silky soft length and natural texture. Growing out natural hair often slows as we age, making short hair cuts a pain to manage. Give your hair some space to grow at its own pace, without compromising your on-trend aesthetic. Yaki Hair is one of our favorite ways to grow out natural hair with no awkward growth stages and no damage to your delicate curls.

Get ready for summer with a comprehensive hair care routine for aging hair! There's a timeless aesthetic to sunny days and long summer nights spent with good friends and family. Make sure your curls stay timeless too with a little extra care for mature hair in the summer. 

Looking for more amazing summer hair care tips? Check out6 Easy Summer Hairstyles for Shoulder Length Hair and let us know your favorite way to rock your curls and enjoy the sunshine.