8 Common Hair Struggles and How to Fix Them

Woman with Hair Struggles

If you're struggling with dandruff, embarrassed to go to the gym, or going on a date with that special someone, you don't have to stay inside and worry about it anymore. We have the solutions you need to get you back on track to being the most beautiful version of yourself. After all, your hair is your crown, so it's essential to take care of it like the royalty that you are! 

We all have various hair struggles, and it can be difficult to figure out exactly what's causing our strands such distress. Sometimes, all this means that we need to shampoo our locks less regularly. On the other hand, your tresses might be suffering due to a hormonal balance, in which case you'll want to visit a healthcare practitioner so that you can address the root of the issue. Our hair can sometimes be sending us a message, so it's important to listen: Maybe updating your diet or reducing your stress levels is the solution: It's all too easy to neglect our health when we're working, but at the end of the day we're all only human, and it's of the utmost importance that we take good care of ourselves. 


Believe it or not, dandruff could be an indication that you are actually washing your hair too frequently. You might want to cut back if you're shampooing and conditioning more than two or three times per week. 

The following treatments may help: 

  • Anti-dandruff shampoo
  • Shampoo that contains zinc sulfur and piroctone olamine

If you are in a pinch, you might want to try these: 

  • Apple cider vinegar 
  • Coconut oil 
  • Tea tree oil 

While these products and treatments often help, the cause of dandruff could be a deeper one. You'll want to visit your doctor and make sure you don't have a medical issue that needs to be addressed and is causing this issue. You'll also want to ensure that you're consuming a healthy diet and minimizing your stress levels: Our hair can sometimes reflect other aspects of our lives, and, when it's screaming for help, it could be a sign that we need to maintain more balance. 

Hair Loss 

It's important to note that hair loss might be a result of other health issues, so you might want to visit your provider if you suspect that it may be due to a hormonal imbalance or something of that nature. 

If you're struggling with hair loss, you might want to try the following treatments: 

  • Adding protein-rich foods to your diet 
  • Switching to a milder shampoo 
  • Avoiding heat styling tools 
  • Massaging your scalp with hot oils 

The last two provide relief for some but not others, but there's no harm in trying, right? It will probably help. 

Dry Hair

There are a variety of reasons you might be suffering from dry hair. Firstly, the summer can be hard on your strands, especially if you are swimming every day or going for a dip in the ocean frequently! Unfortunately, these lovely pastimes can dry out your precious locks, leaving them dehydrated and lackluster. 

Luckily, there is a way to fix this: You may want to cut back on your swims or simply use a cap whenever you are in the water. If you'd rather not do that, you can also try setting the temperature to warm or cold instead of subjecting yourself to searingly hot H2O when you're in the shower! It's always a good idea to protect your hair with a swim cap though! It will thank you; believe us! 

Dry locks could also be the result of using harsh products on your strands: There are many chemicals in a lot of shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks, so it's important to avoid these whenever you can. Some examples include: 

  • Parabens
  • Sulfates 
  • Synthetic fragrances 
  • Silicones 

In short, it's best to opt for natural products whenever you can. These are simultaneously better for your strands and better for the planet! 

There are plenty of incredible brands out there that offer organic, sustainable products with pure ingredients, which will likely be helpful for your self-care routine. It's important to take care of every aspect of your health, after all, and your hair is what makes you the goddess that you are! 

If you're struggling with dry hair, the following treatments may be helpful: 

  • Gentle shampoo 
  • Hydrating hair masks 
  • Nourishing hair oils 
  • Taking vitamins such as omega-3, B-5, and omega-6

Your diet can dictate a lot about how your body is doing, so it's important to take a holistic approach. Sometimes, simply adding an extra dose of protein to your meal plan can make a world of difference! 

Oily Scalp 

The reality is that your scalp may be producing oil to make up for the dryness that results from washing your hair too often, so the solution is usually quite simple for this one: Try washing your hair a bit less, so that your lovely locks can maintain their natural shine without being totally consumed by greasiness. 

You can treat an oily scalp by doing the following: 

  • Using lukewarm water instead of blazingly hot H2O 
  • Avoid playing with your hair too much 
  • Avoid excessive brushing (it can activate oil glands) 
  • Using dry shampoo to go longer between washes

These methods are often incredibly helpful, but sometimes you may be struggling with a more severe issue, such as a hormonal balance. If you think this might be the case, it's important to visit your doctor as soon as you can so that you can address the root of the problem. 

woman looking at strands of her natural hair

Split Ends 

Split ends could be the undesired result of those long days in the pool, but don't worry; there's a way to fix them! You may want to treat your lovely tresses to a hair mask the next time you're in the shower! They're super hydrating, and you can love yourself a little in the process. After all, we all need to engage in a healthy dose of self-care every now and again. 

You can remedy this issue by doing the following: 

  • Applying oil or serum to the affected ends of your hair 
  • Getting regular haircuts 
  • Avoiding heat styling tools 

If you're set on using your prized blow-dryer, you'll want to use a heat protectant before you do so: It will help; believe us! 

Frizzy Hair 

Frizz can be extremely challenging. The issue is usually due to dehydration, exposure to UV rays, or frequent usage of heat-styling tools. By the way, we have created an incredible hairstyling product that's super effective and will give you just the look you want without damaging your hair! We call it the RevAir, and it's garnered excellent reviews!  

Here's how to fix it: 

  • Leave-in conditioners 
  • Hot oil treatments 
  • Hydrating masks and serums 

It's essential to ensure that your hair is nourished at all times. You'll also want to avoid over-shampooing it. 

Heat or Color-Damaged Hair 

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," as Benjamin Franklin once said. It's essential to treat your hair with the utmost care whenever you can, but it can be extremely tempting to use that blow-dryer or go platinum blonde. If you do use heat tools, try to put a heat protectant on your locks first and, if you go platinum blonde, make sure you use hydrating hair masks to nourish your tresses! 

You can fix this issue with the following products and treatments: 

  • Getting regular trims 
  • Moisturizing products 

Of course, it's best to simply not use heat on your hair or get those highlights, but, if you just have to get that new look, you may want to try out Christophe Robin's incredible hair masks

Dull Hair

You could be suffering from dull hair for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the difficult truth is that your tresses are struggling simply because the weather isn't agreeing with them. It could also be that you are styling your hair too much, particularly if you're using heat tools in the process. You can fix it with the following treatments: 

  • Protein-packed products 
  • Moisturizing shampoos 
  • Rinsing with cold water 



Believe it or not, washing your hair with hot water can cause some damage to it. On the other hand, cold showers are excellent for overall health, and they're also an amazing way to take great care of your beautiful tresses! 

We all struggle with a myriad of hair issues, but thankfully there's usually a quick and easy fix to most of our issues. Unfortunately, there are times when your hair could be telling you something. For instance, you may be experiencing hormonal imbalance and have dry strands as a result. In that case, it's essential to go ahead and visit your doctor so that they can guide you on how to best treat the root cause of the issue. If you can do that, your hair will eventually return to its former luster, and you'll feel like the woman you always knew you were!

You are beautiful inside and out, and your hair is your crown, so it's important to take good care of it every single day. Please contact us at myrevair.com for information on everything hair-related!

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