Protect Your Hair from the Sun, Chlorine, and More

Here at RevAir, protecting your hair and saving you time is our company's mission.

It's the very reason we built the world's first and only reverse-air dryer in the first place.

Summertime is here!

Are you ready to soak up the sun, take a dip in the pool, catch a tan at the beach?


Are you also ready to take care of your hair in the midst of all your summer fun?

During the summer your hair is subject to the detrimental drying power of the sun, chlorine, and salt-water.

Just like you drown yourself in sunscreen to prepare yourself for a long beach day or lounge at the pool, you need to protect your hair.

We all hate the stringy, dry strands of hair that twirl between our fingers after a fun outing to the beach or the pool.

So why not try to avoid it at all costs?

Fortunately for you, we have curated 10 ways for you to enjoy the summer sun and splashes without worrying about the damage it could have to your hair.

But first...

A little info-session about why the sun, chlorine, and saltwater can be disastrous to your summertime styles.

Summertime Sadness: How the sun affects your hair

It is funny to think that as important our hair is, we don’t always treat it as well as we treat our skin or our bodies.

When we go to the beach we are quick to slather ourselves in sunscreen so we don’t go home a red, painful mess, but we totally neglect our hair.

Without protecting your hair and scalp from the sun, your hair goes from shiny and luscious to dry, dull, and brittle.

Not to mention that the sun can also change your beautifully dyed hair job. Essentially the color oxidizes from the UV exposure, creating that not so cute faded color.

Chlorine is Not Hair’s Best Friend: How chlorine affects your hair

When you think about hair and chemicals, hair dye, bleach, and keratin treatments are probably at the top of your list.

The crazy thing is that chlorine should be at the forefront of that list too. Chlorine is one of the harshest chemicals your hair encounters in the summer.

While soaking in the pool, chlorine is damaging even the healthiest hair.

When your hair is exposed to chlorine, it is stripped of its natural oils (ya’know, the ones that make your hair soft and shiny), and can cause your hair cuticles to break.

So that jump in the pool, without proper hair preparation, cools you off but leaves you with dry and brittle hair vulnerable to split ends and breakage.

Oh, and don’t forget your scalp.

Chlorine exposure to your scalp can cause dryness, irritation, and excessive dandruff. And of course, those who have dyed their hair beware, chlorine quickens the fading process and strips hair color.

Just think of all the stories of how pool water has turned blonde hair green…

Salt Water is a No Go: How saltwater affects your hair

Although, saltwater can affect hair types differently a lot of us go to the beach and hope for those mermaid-esq beach waves when we leave the ocean.

Want to learn more about your hair type? Read "How well do you know your hair type?"

Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Actually, your hair when overexposed to salt can become damaged, frizzy, and just a mess.

These effects are even worse if your hair has been dyed or processed recently.

Saltwater is damaging because it dries out your hair and scalp, it strips it of all its water, leaving it rough and dehydrated.

This lack of moisture for your hair leads to split ends breakage and dandruff on your scalp. Just imagine…the hair you work so hard to keep healthy turning into dull and lifeless locks… an absolute tragedy.

Remember, dry hair sticks around even when the last summer tan fades.

Best Water for Summertime Fun: How freshwater affects your hair

Jump into the lake without the guilt of hair damage! Fresh lake water is among the best and safest water for your hair.

Being naturally occuring, freshwater has lower levels of calcium and magnesium, therefore your hair is less vulnerable to the harmful effects that chlorine or saltwater have.

This is keeping in mind that freshwater is considered “soft water.” Freshwater with a higher mineral content (“hard water”) is damaging in almost the same way as chlorine or saltwater.

So stick to the lakes that are considered “soft water.” Just do your research!

So since we all are experts on how the summer can have negative effects on our hair, let's get our feet wet with ways to protect and take care of our hair while having summer fun.

10 Ways to Protect Your Hair

1. Reduce Hot Tool Use

Step away from your blow dryer, straightener, curler, or any other hot tool this summer (and all the time).

Your hot tool used in combo with your summer swimming will seriously dry out your hair and leave it with major breakage and split ends.

2. Shower Before Swimming

Your hair is like a sponge.

When you go swimming the chlorine or saltwater soaks up all the water and leaves your hair dehydrated.

If you shower beforehand, you allow your hair to be full of moisture so it has less room to absorb chlorine or salt when you go swimming.

You can also apply a leave-in conditioner to help keep the moisture of your hair from being dried out.

3. Use a Protection Spray

So next time you shop for sunscreen, pick up some UV protection spray.

They are simple and help protect against the sun and some even protect against chlorine.

4. Try a Swim Cap

The swim cap may not be for everyone, but they are a great way to protect your hair. A swim cap will help your hair not come in contact with the water you are swimming in. 

5. Wear a Hat

Okay, a swim cap not for you? What about a hat?

Wearing a wide brim hat will not only help protect your face and neck, but it will also keep your scalp out of the harsh sun. 

6. Throw Your Hair Up

If you absolutely hate hats, the least you can do is throw your hair into a cute up-do or a bun.

If you want to be super prepared, apply argan oil or conditioner to the ends of your hair before you put it up or in a braid.

7. Avoid the Big Chop

It seems to make sense to cut your hair during the summertime but it isn’t the best idea for your hair.

Hair needs to be longer and heavier in the summer to deal with humidity and the stress from the salt, chlorine, and the sun.

So maybe hold off on the cute bob you’ve been eyeing until summer has ended.

8. Shower After Swimming

You should always rinse your hair after swimming to prevent the build-up of salt or chemicals.

If you use a shampoo, try using one that is super hydrating to rejuvenate your hair.

9. Try a Hair Mask or an Oil Treatment

A hair mask or an oil treatment are perfect ways to re-hydrate, replenish, and soothe your hair and scalp.

You can find plenty of DIY hair masks and oil treatment is as simple as taking your favorite carrier oil (like jojoba) and leaving it in your hair for 20-30 minutes.

Remember, with oils, a little goes a long way.

10. Dry Smart

When you’re ready to dry your, hopefully, rehydrated hair, use a cotton towel, t-shirt or the RevAir Reverse Air Dryer.

Both are great alternatives to the drying heat of a blow dryer and are gentle on your hair.

The Key to Healthy Summer Hair

The key to having luscious locks during the summer is moisture.

During the summer it may be hard to step back from all your fun, but just remember that your hair wants to have fun too.

Use these tips to protect your hair from being dried out and instead retain its moisture.

If you feel like your hair has been a victim to the damage of summer and need a solution, read this.

We hope you all are loving these blogs as much as we love writing them! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We love to chat and give you all the tips and tricks you need for great hair.