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Keep your RevAir in working order with easy hair dryer repairs, thanks to our convenient selection of hair dryer parts.

Maintaining Your RevAir Device

Is your hair dryer not heating? There could be a variety of reasons, such as the filters needing to be cleaned. If that's the case, there are several signs. Keep an eye out for these clues to stay on top of your RevAir maintenance. Look for less tension from your usual setting, the wand mouth seeming hotter than normal, hair that's not as silky and sleek as you've seen with your device in the past or the wand heat shutting off during use regardless of section size. These issues could be resolved with a quick scrub or rinse. Click on these parts to learn how to clean them.

If your new model of the hair dryer stopped working, check that the wand and hose are securely attached before you order a new part. A loose connection could stop it from generating heat. You should also replace the wand if the housing has cracked or become damaged, or if the high, low and off settings don't result in a change in temperature.

Save on the repair costs for your device, no matter which hair dryer replacement parts you need, because we carry a range of pieces for your model. Base units are available for the original or new version of the RevAir. The Wand and Hose from the original and new model are interchangeable and compatible for both units. Find the right parts of a hair dryer for your model here and reach out to RevAir customer service if you have any questions.