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Not only did my hair straighten, but it was delicate on my hair and the cool setting wasn’t damaging. And after when I wanted my hair back curly it was no problem at all, no heat damage what so ever. Also with my RevAir my full head was dry within 30 minutes and it was easy for me to do myself.
RevAir changed my hair experience in ways I never knew possible. Being able to rid myself of the old way of blow-drying and adopting a new, innovative way of stretching hair has really impacted my life in the best ways. I can continue to do what I love….how amazing is that!
For myself the task of washing my hair is a workout in itself, but then I would have another good hour and a half of drying and styling. It was physically taxing. With RevAir, I can literally have it completely smooth and dry in 20 minutes.
I wanted to be able to express myself with my hair like I do with clothes, shoes and makeup. Yes, I was eager to find a way to safely straighten it without undoing years of hard work spent growing it out, but I was skeptical.