Over an hour of time saved!


I am a girl who’s world revolves around hair. I myself have thick wavy hair down to my derrière, I’m a hairstylist who has a clientele with hair similar, and I’m a mom of a biracial autistic child with beautiful thick long coarse curly hair!


My personal troubles began about 7 years ago. I started physically struggling daily. My entire body would be in pain and I got to where I could barely stand or walk. Doing hair became extremely difficult but since it was my passion I would just force myself. I’d find myself basically immobile at the end of the day and then up at night from the added pain of doing hair all day.

After many doctor appointments and tests, we discovered I have a gene mutation that causes an array of issues - one being nerve damage throughout my body. With the information, I was able to learn what to supplement with, and with proper medication, I can function much better. Although, with my hair, my daughter's hair, all my client's hair I still was having a lot of pain associated with the long hours of working on hair.

Then, something magical popped up in my suggested YouTube videos. It was Jaime French [ @jaime.french ], the well known Beauty Blogger, using a RevAir!! That’s when my life improved personally and professionally in ways I never imagined. RevAir not only allows me to do hair pain-free, but I get to continue work in the industry I am so passionate about!


For myself the task of washing my hair is a workout in itself, but then I would have another good hour and a half of drying and styling. It was physically taxing. With RevAir, I can literally have it completely smooth and dry in 20 minutes. That is over an hour of time saved! And an added bonus? I’m physically not having to do much I can sit and literally just hold the wand and each section magically becomes smooth and straight.

It’s crazy in the best way. As a professional hairstylist, RevAir is a game-changer in the salon. It speeds up service times and saves the stylist so much physical activity! Now, I feel like when it’s time to dry my client's hair, it’s a little break for me to relax my body. In the past drying clients' hair was my least favorite thing to do and it flared my body pain up the most!



As for improving my life as a mommy of a biracial autistic child, I’d love to share that, but first, why did I need to throw those labels out there? They are important in sharing my story, let’s start with the first label, as a biracial child, her hair is thick, coarse, curly, and frizzy. It can be very hard to manage, it takes a lot of time to fix, and can easily be tangled and damaged.

Now, let’s get to the next label, autistic. Autistic individuals have sensory issues, some being sound and touch, so trying to blow dry their hair presents many things to struggle with including the feeling of the air blasting at them, the temperature being too hot, the hair blowing all around and in their face, the feeling and sound of the brushing.

RevAir eliminates a majority of those issues! It quickly dries, smooths, and straightens without much effort and in no way harms the hair. It doesn’t require all that brushing and tugging, the hair is in a controlled tube and isn’t flying all over the place, and there is an option for no heat or low heat. It literally handles all the issues aside from sound and I’ve found that you acclimate to the sound by turning it on the first setting even before starting so that it almost becomes white noise in the background and then the sound really isn’t an issue!

The RevAir is AMAZING and has literally improved my life ❤️❤️❤️