Best of Both Worlds

Photo credit: @snapshotsade

I am a bold, spirited, adventurous woman and I am constantly switching things up in life-- my style, my home decor, and my hair. I have always had a love-hate (more hate than love) relationship with my hair.

Coming from a multiracial background, my hair is a mixture of fine and course, as well as wavy and coily. Growing up in the '90s, straight hair was all the rage. All of my favorite African American supermodels and actresses all had bone straight hair and I was willing to do anything, and I mean anything, to achieve that look, even if it meant nearly damaging my hair to the point of no return. I longed for that look.

Out of desperation and lack of healthy options, I flat ironed, hot combed, and chemically processed my hair to hell and back and I damaged my natural curl pattern in the process.

My hair was lifeless, thinning, and uneven due to repeatedly singeing my hair with the hot comb. I was so self-conscious about my hair and sure that everyone was judging it, that I would wear baseball caps everywhere I went to try to conceal the damage. I felt insecure about how it looked.

RevAir allows me to experience the best of both worlds without any compromise -- so I can switch it up as often as I want.  -Tia

I remember looking through an old photo album at my Mom's house and seeing pictures of how my hair used to look before all that damage. It was a gut-wrenching feeling to see the damage I had done to hair that was once so beautiful and healthy.

After some time, I decided to cut off all the damage and to wear my hair naturally curly to allow it to grow out again. And it did! Thankfully! But if I am honest, I missed my straight hair. Not because it was the trend to wear it that way, as I felt pressured to in the past - but because I never wanted to be confined to one type of hairstyle.

I wanted to be able to express myself with my hair like I do with clothes, shoes, and makeup. Yes, I was eager to find a way to safely straighten it without undoing years of hard work spent growing it out, but I was skeptical.

As if by some divine timing, I was introduced to RevAir during an appearance that I made on the tv show, 'The Doctors'. I was invited to test out this new device that promised to safely dry and straighten my hair type in half the time. And it didn't fall short on any of those promises.

It was love at first Rev! My jaw dropped the first time I Rev'd a section of my hair. I can straighten my hair in 20 minutes or less (a feat that used to take me hours and hours and hours) and it comes out soft, smooth and shiny!

My hair is growing like crazy because I am not damaging it with heat and my ends which were always splitting, are healthy and even. Best of all, my natural curl pattern is preserved. I can wet my hair at any time and I am back to healthy, bouncy curls.

RevAir allows me to experience the best of both worlds without any compromise -- so I can switch it up as often as I want. I can finally say with all sincerity, that I LOVE my hair and how it allows me to be "my most me" no matter what that look is each day.