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Hair Extensions: All You Need to Know About It
Would it break your heart to learn that a number of your favorite celebrities with supposed naturally long hair actually rock hair extensions instead? You would be super surprised at just how much you can transform your look with the right hair extensions. While some may carry tell-tale signs that...
The Best Haircut for Your Face Shape
When it comes to picking a fresh haircut, your face shape is one of the most important things to consider! It is tempting to choose the coolest new or trendy cut, but if it doesn’t work with your face shape, you might not be in love after the cut is...
9 Signs You Need a Haircut
Is your hair or ends feeling dry, lacking its usual shine, or just not looking as fabulous as it should? You may need to look into getting a haircut. The hair of your dreams could just be a few snips away, you just have to bring yourself to go to...
Tips for Detangling & Styling Kids' Hair With No Tears!
“Let’s brush your hair!” - these are words that spark terror into the hearts of children...and honestly, can you blame them? Brushing out knots and tangles after a long day can be very painful, and is the last thing that a child or parent wants to do. The process is...


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