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    Loving The Hair You Have
    We always think the grass is greener on the other side, right? If your hair is limp and fine, you wish desperately for more body and volume. Your hair may grow at a snail’s pace while you dream of gaining inches. So much of our confidence is tied to our...
    4 Things to Add to Your Shampoo
    Add these four ingredients to your shampoo to promote hair growth, repair damage, and create shine.
    Tips on Growing Natural Hair Quickly
    Every girl loves to grow hair faster and have long, smooth and silky hair. To achieve this, they often look for medical supplements or try several hair products that are advertised to magically enhance the hair growth process. This often leads to stress and disappointment. The reason being several controllable...
    #Quarantine Hair, Don’t Care: 5 Styles to Test Out During Quarantine
    Being stuck inside for weeks on end doesn’t make us want to style our hair in cute styles and live our best hair lives - which is totally understandable. As some areas are going into month three of quarantine or stay at home orders - the boredom is rising, and...


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