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#Quarantine Hair, Don’t Care: 5 Styles to Test Out During Quarantine
Being stuck inside for weeks on end doesn’t make us want to style our hair in cute styles and live our best hair lives - which is totally understandable. As some areas are going into month three of quarantine or stay at home orders - the boredom is rising, and...
The Beginner’s Guide for Buying & Wearing Hair Wigs
Source: Pixabay.com The best part about wearing wigs is that you retain the power to completely transform your look without the pressure of worrying how long you have to hang onto the look. It’s a low commitment hair styling option but with a potentially huge impact on your appearance. Many of...
Hair Love
Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures, illustrated by Vashti Harrison The powerful and inspiring short film Hair Love is taking the world by storm - spreading positivity and awareness as it goes. If you haven’t seen the Oscar Winning short just yet - take a peek here. It shares the story...
13 Weird Hair Hacks or Genius in Disguise?
We all get into this mode where we will literally try anything to make sure our hair is healthy. Sometimes it is because we see something viral going around the internet, other times we just get curious and want to put our recent Pinterest pins about hair care to the...


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