RevAir did NOT disappoint

curlygirl.ayla with mom Amanda


First and foremost, we are a family. We win together, we learn together - and on Instagram, we share our journeys together.  It began with our daughter, Ayla and her page @curlygirl.ayla, where she shared her days filled with friends, fashion and her faves - like RevAir.

Then, along came our son - Lennox, aka The Golden Nino. On his page, @golden.nino, he followed in his big sisters fashionable footsteps, where he partakes in posting the adventures of a cutie with enviable curls. And well, I'm their Mom, Amanda! In addition to being a wife, mother of three (with loads of activities) and having a full time job, I also run their social media pages and produce their content. It is busy, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.



I came across RevAir's Instagram profile and saw one of the videos on the page.  I will never forget how unbelievable RevAir seemed. Once we got our hands on a RevAir, it did NOT disappoint. Ayla has very, very long, thick, curly hair and before RevAir, I only ever straightened it once. The traditional way, it took over 2 hours and the results weren't what I hoped for.  I felt like it was missing something... it needed more volume and shine!

I will never forget how unbelievable RevAir seemed. Once we got our hands on a RevAir, it did NOT disappoint.

RevAir came along and I was in disbelief that it actually worked. Was I nervous to put her hair in the Wand? YES! But, it was like magic. There is nothing like it.  It is fast - I was completely done in 45 minutes. That is less than half the time! Ayla’s hair was shiny and tangle-free. She didn’t hate the experience. In fact, something unexpected happened. Rev’ing our hair has actually brought Ayla and I closer. 



Ayla likes to Rev’ my hair and it is so simple, she can actually successfully do it. While she is working away, we have talks and laugh uncontrollably. It becomes our time. Tell me the last time that happened when you were hair drying? Now, I don’t dread wash days. I await them, so I can spend that time with my daughter…and have great hair.


There is so much expected from women in a day. As a wife and mother of three with a full time job, plus a social media content creator, there is no way that I could get it all done without being a stringent scheduler. Having a schedule and sticking to it, keeps me (and my family) sane and helps set the tone for a successful day.

RevAir has given me back over an extra hour each time we use it, and that is priceless.  It means Ayla gets to bed on time and feels rested and ready the next morning. That is an extra hour to pack lunches, throw some laundry in or imagine this… taking some time for yourself by taking a hot bath. 


Going back to school, after being out of school for so long in 2020, has made so many children understandably anxious. I am happy to report that Ayla is adjusting very well. And she even joined Drama Club! She is 9 years old and has shared her desire to be an Actress. I am certain, if anyone can do it, it will be Ayla. I love that when she gets in the car at pick up, she excitedly tells me every last detail about her day and the upcoming auditions.

No matter where Ayla goes, from IG to one day The Oscars, I know RevAir will be a part of our beauty journey.