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Don't just take our word for it...

"I've been a beauty director for a long time and I see every product that hits the market. I have to say, RevAir is one of the most ground-breaking tools I've seen - EVER. It's a real game-changer!"

"The breakthrough application of reverse-air offers a true step change in hair drying and straightening. With water essentially being pulled away, hair dries faster. This means hair is exposed to heat for much less time saving it from damage.

At the same time, this drying efficiency builds stronger hydrogen bond links resulting in longer lasting styles."

"Drying and straightening my hair has always been a chore and I’ve never liked the results - until now!  RevAir gives me a salon quality finish, in less than half the time it normally takes. Nothing beats the reverse-air technology of RevAir for the smoothest, softest and even camera ready hair.”

Reverse-air, Forward Thinking

What sets RevAir apart from traditional hair drying and straightening tools

Hair Brush
Tension Without Friction

Reverse-air moves heat in
natural direction of cuticles
helping to smooth hair

Consistent tension effectively
straightens hair replacing need for a
brush’s damaging friction

Asset 3
360° Coverage

Heated reverse-air completely envelops strands while pulling water away increasing drying efficiency - so less heat is needed for less time

It all happens in a confined space so hair dries consistently from root to end

Size It Up

Designed to fit on most bathroom counters or vanities

Hose allows the option of standing or sitting while doing hair

RevAir wand photo
Asset 1
Beat The Heat

Half the wattage of a traditional blow dryer, yet dries and straightens 3 times faster

Reverse-air eliminates hot air blowing onto the skin providing a more comfortable user experience

Asset 4
Safe And Sound

Aerodynamically designed interior and first of its kind wand ensure smooth, unobstructed flow of hair

Extensive research, testing, and development guarantee the safest hair drying and straightening experience

Asset 5
Common Sense

Designed to respond, the Wand includes a sensor to monitor heat levels

Sensor not only works as a threshold for heat to minimize hair damage, but as a teaching tool. The automatic heat shut-off allows you to learn how to section for perfect results each time




than blow drying and straightening routines in third party trials!*