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Engineer and CEO Scott Thomason working on the design of the RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer Wand

Leaders in Curl: RevAir Is Changing the Way We Dry Our Hair

For many curlies, heat styling tools call to mind the faint burning smell and sore arms from hours spent styling our curls into submission. This has often been followed by breakage and heat damage that lasts long beyond the stretched hairstyle. So when RevAir launched an innovative dryer that uses reverse air technology and less heat to cut down styling time, it wasn’t long before it made waves on social media and in the textured hair community. In 2021 the RevAir Pro was voted by the NaturallyCurly community as the Most Innovative Product for Type 4 Coily Hair

NaturallyCurly got to ask RevAir Founder and CEO Scott Thomason why he channeled his background in product development, cosmetics manufacturing, and a degree in mechanical engineering into developing the RevAir - and how other entrepreneurs can continue to innovate in this industry. 

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