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    As cumbersome and intimidating as this contraption might look, this "reverse air" dryer presents a genius solution for saving you from damaging heat-styling. You place your hair inside the tube, and water gets pulled away—the before and afters, showing even very curly hair slicked straight, are extremely impressive.


    Blowdryers have gotten faster, stronger, and smarter over the years, but they’ve always relied on hot air to get the job done. RevAir ($399; myrevair.com) is different.

    You’ll answer all her hair-related prayers when she saves time and money on salon blowouts. The gift of a new RevAir Reverse-Air Drying device will make her rethink the way she sees her hair. 
    RevAir is the world's first and only reverse-air dryer for your hair!  The RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer uses suction to dry and straighten hair three times faster.  

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    Busy Philipps said “bye-bye, blow-dryer!” RevAir dries and straightens hair in a single step (and with very little heat), leaving strands sleek and shiny.

    "The game-changing product helps you do your hair faster, straighter, sleeker & more."

    What makes the RevAir Hair Dryer so different compared to the other products that are out there? Instead of blowing hot heat onto your hair, which dries out your strands and makes them look dry and frizzy, the RevAir Hair Dryer uses suction air (warm air) to give you an incredibly luscious, salon-worthy blowout at home.

    I Tried a $400 “Hair Vacuum,” and My Hair Was Sleek and Straight in 15 Minutes

    Since my first time using the RevAir, it has moved into a new home right next to my bedroom mirror. I’ve incorporated it into my regular nighttime routine, and rejoice in how much faster I can hop into bed after a long day with my hair ready to go for the morning.

    Reverse hair drying will leave you with less damage and more time to do the things you actually want to do. 

    If you’ve been blow drying your hair for years, chances are you’ve frequently had to get trims to cope with the heat damage and/or use protective products to minimize damage as much as possible. With the purchase of RevAir—the world’s first and only reverse hair dryer—you immediately minimize both of these hair styling hazards.