Tried It: RevAir’s Reverse-Air Dryer Took Me From Curly To Straight In Under 90 Seconds

Protecting your hair from heat damage just got easier.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve found happiness in putting my natural hair in protective styles. Unfortunately I had to learn the hard way that too much manipulation on the hair can stress your edges and overall hair health.

So when I was invited to receive a complimentary wash and blow-dry session with celebrity hairstylist Johnny Wright, courtesy of RevAir, I was hesitant. I knew my hair would be in great hands if Wright took care of me. After all, he’s the man behind our Former First Lady’s gorgeous tresses throughout her time at the White House. 


RevAir partnered with Wright for a day of pampering. Showcasing the brand’s new and improved low-heat blowdryer, I was intrigued by how simple and easy it was to go from naturally curly hair to straight and sleek in approximately 90 seconds.

“RevAir uses less heat than blow dryers and flat irons, so it is healthier for all hair types, will not change your natural curl pattern, and is comfortable for the scalp. Significant results are reported by those with naturally curly, coily, frizzy, textured, dense, and coarse hair.” With 1,827 reviews and a 4.8 rating, I can confirm that the RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer is all that and more. In other words, please believe the hype.