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Does the $400 RevAir Hair Dryer Suck? Yes, Very Well.

Does the $400 RevAir Hair Dryer Suck? Yes, Very Well.

The RevAir is a wacky hair-drying vacuum that excels at gently stretching, straightening, and smoothing Type 3 and 4 curl patterns—thick, dense, curly/coily/kinky hair—in record time. After eight months of testing it on my daughter and myself, I’ve become convinced that, for a certain subset of people, this spendy hair tool is absolutely worth it.

This utterly absurd-looking appliance is the first hair-styling tool I’ve ever tested that I feel comfortable recommending for anyone who has hair long enough to get sucked up into the handheld, heat-producing wand, no matter their hair texture and curl type. However, for those of us who have hair that is thick, dense, curly/coily/kinky, extra long, fragile, or some combination, it’s not hyperbole to call the RevAir revolutionary. It’s unusually gentle on hair—and it speeds up the overall styling process from damp hair to your desired look.

RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer - Best for thick, dense, or curly/coily/kinky hair
It’s pricey, it’s bulky, and it works—quickly and gently. For hair that’s fragile or difficult to blow dry with a conventional hair dryer, the RevAir is worth considering.

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