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Wavy Hair

We believe natural hair is beautiful—and if you love riding your wild waves, we celebrate you! But, if you want hassle-free, sleek hair—without causing damage or permanent wave reversal—RevAir is for you.

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A first for hair

Forget everything you know about traditional drying and straightening techniques—RevAir is completely different:

  • Straight to the Point - Most users achieve the results they want without needing flat irons. Those still needing flat irons, are likely to reduce their style time.
  • One for All - Customizable Reverse-Air and temperature settings to suit all hair types.
  • Less is More - Not only is styling time reduced, highest heat level is nearly half the wattage of a traditional blow dryer.
  • Bye Bye Brush - Reverse-Air creates tension while drying ending the need for brush work. Air flows from root to end, eliminating awkward nozzle aiming.
  • Don’t Sweat It - Hot air blowing on you is a thing of the past.

“Fantastic—RevAir is so easy to use, less strenuous than blow drying with a hair brush and I only needed one hand!”

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