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    Debuting RevAir Hair Care Products

    Designed to work synergistically with the RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer for unsurpassed results, or boost your results no matter your drying routine.


    Tribology Primers not only prepare and protect the hair with advanced ‘thermo-protectants’ while drying and straightening, but provide multifaceted hair health benefits.

    Our Primers are Proven to:

    • Seal in Moisture
    • Strengthen Hair Fibers
    • Intensify Shine


    WAVE GOODBYE • hair primer • types 1 & 2

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    PLAY IT STRAIGHT • hair primer • types 3 & 4

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    Finishing Products are an essential part of a hair routine. While they help to achieve the desired final look, they shouldn’t be all pain, no gain for your hair health.

    Our Tribology Finisher will:
    • Moisturize with Nutrient-Rich Oils
    • Reduce Drying Time
    • Fortify Shine


    BRIGHT SPOT • shine spray • all hair types

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    Percentage Thickness Boost
    Percentage Strength Gain
    Percentage Glossmeter Surger
    Percentage Shine Improvement
    Tribology Complex - Shine, Strengthen, Seal

    Tribology Complex is the foundation on which all of our hair care product formulas are built. Each active ingredient was specifically curated to create a powerful trinity of healthy hair benefits - Shine, Strengthen, Seal.

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    RevAir + Product Benefits

    RevAir works synergistically with the RevAir Tribology Haircare Collection.

    When the hair is in the Wand and Hose it is subject to a negative pressure or a vacuum environment.

    When Tribology Haircare Products are applied before your RevAir session, the natural flow of the reverse-air helps to lay down cuticles over the beneficial ingredients while the negative pressure environment helps to infuse these ingredients into the hair.