Base & Hose Connection

RevAir Hose Attachment At Base Unit

RevAir Base Hose Replacement

  1. Attach Hose to Base unit by sliding bottom tab of Filter Panel into the Base Housing Notch located at the Filter opening.
  2. Gently push Filter Panel forward so it is flush with Base Unit and securely covers Filter opening.
  3. Once Filter Panel is firmly in place, turn Filter Panel Latch clockwise to lock to Base Unit.

Wand & Hose Connection

RevAir Wand and Hose Connection Point

  1. Align the Key on the Hose with the Groove on the Wand.
  2. While holding the Strain Relief on the Hose, and the Wand in your other hand, push them together firmly.
  3. Complete a sharp clockwise turn to lock the Wand into Place.

NO HEAT?! Double-check for a secure connection.