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Coily Hair

We believe natural hair is beautiful—and if you have a zest for your zigzag, we celebrate you! But, if you want hassle-free, straight hair—without causing damage or permanent coil reversal—RevAir is for you. And while coily hair types might still call for flat irons, time needed is significantly reduced.

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RevAir Home Unit photo
RevAir Home Unit photo
“You want to be able to switch it up a little. RevAir gives me the opportunity to do that in an easy way that is not going to compromise my curls.”

All hair łypes, Same Benefits

Tension without friction

Hair is effortlessly straightened with no need for harsh, damaging brush work. Cuticles are smoothed and strands aligned for more shine and softer feel.

Total coverage

Heat is applied within a confined space while water is pulled away, making this the most efficient and effective drying experience possible. No heat is wasted blowing at you or the people around you. With hair completely enveloped, it dries evenly from root to end.

Safe and sound

Aerodynamic design and thoroughly tested engineering ensure the smooth, unobstructed flow of hair. A heat sensor shuts off device if too much hair risks choking air flow and raising heat so you are protected from any risk of excessive heat.

“I am thrilled by the amazing results of RevAir. It is quick and non-damaging to my hair which is very important to me.”

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