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RevAir is a high-tech beauty company that looks beyond convention to create exceptionally effective personal care solutions.

Our journey started with one resourceful dad’s use of vacuum suction to make ponytails for his daughters; His friend’s observation that the same method made his own daughter’s hair feel softer; And, his sister’s belief that this method and insight might be the basis for a genuine solution to her own crazy hair challenges. Based on initial tests and dramatic results, they knew that the combination of reverse-air and heat was worth pursuing.

Nearly four years in development, hundreds of prototypes, and thousands of trials, RevAir, "The World’s First and Only Reverse-Air Dryer” was launched in 2018 by a passionate and highly skilled team of beauty industry experts who knew this game-changing system would truly benefit all who use it.

RevAir is driven by our desire to create innovative, disruptive products that enhance and empower the lives of our customers.