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The Next 25 Years Of Beauty

The Next 25 Years Of Beauty

"There's a new way to dry hair."

"Blowdryers have gotten faster, stronger, and smarter over the years, but they’ve always relied on hot air to get the job done. RevAir ($399; is different. The vacuum-like device gently pulls strands taut and literally sucks the moisture out, drying and straightening hair three times faster than it would using a traditional blowdryer followed by a flatiron. And since the air is moving downward and outward, in the same direction your hair cuticle lies, you get a smoother, less frizzy result. (Lifted cuticles = more frizz.) The next step: delivering hair-healthy ingredients into the cuticle before sealing. (RevAir just launched a line of sprays and primers to do just that.)"

Marie Claire - October 10, 2019

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Reverse-Air Dryer