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Get Ready To Dry Your Hair Like Never Before

Get Ready To Dry Your Hair Like Never Before

I Tried a $400 “Hair Vacuum,” and My Hair Was Sleek and Straight in 15 Minutes

"Get ready to dry your hair like never before."

I’m no stranger to spending my money on countless tools in the hopes of attaining the hair of my dreams — only to spend an hour or two frying my strands to a crisp and breaking a sweat over the heat. With thick, wavy hair that I bleach a couple of times a year, I’m always searching for ways to style it that cut back on time and damage. So when I had the opportunity to test the RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer, it seemed as though my prayers were answered.

After reading the reviews from customers claiming their hair looked and felt healthier, and was straight in just 10 minutes, I decided to see for myself just how good the only blow dryer I’ve seen that resembles a vacuum could be.

The full review:  InStyle - June 24, 2019