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How to care for and maintain braids, according to stylists

How to care for and maintain braids, according to stylists

Braids are the perfect hairstyle for switching up your regular ponytail. While you might skip a few blowouts in between washes, braids require the same level of maintenance as an un-braided 'do.

Simply put, braids are interlaced strands holding your hair together with minimal effort. Aside from keeping your hair frizz-free, braids can also provide a simple solution to your typical mane conundrums.

TODAY talked to natural hair experts on their go-to tips and tricks to care for your plaits.

Can you wash your hair with braids still in?

It all depends on the type of braids or dreadlocks you have. Hairstylist and owner of Diaspora Salon, Yasmine Young, recommends shampooing the scalp instead of your braids as a better option to avoid undoing your hairstyle.

"Fully wetting your braids or immersing them in water will cause drying to be a disaster!," she added. "Another option instead of shampooing is using a gel [shampoo], scalp serum or dry shampoo on your scalp only."

If you do decide to wet the braids, hair care specialist Tatiana Dudley advised drying them "all the way after shampooing to help prevent mildew and the smell that comes with it." Dudley suggested blow drying your hair and trying the RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer to "cut the drying time in half. Air drying the braids can take a few days."


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