RevAir (, short for reverse-air, is a new hair drying tool created by Thomason, a mechanical engineer, and his two founding company partners, Kip Cooper and Debra Isaacson.

“After having many women test out the original prototypes, we heard time and time again ‘This would change my life,’” said Thomason. “Some women even cried because it was so life-changing for them. We saw the difference RevAir can make, and I felt we had an obligations to bring it to the market.”

RevAir is different from traditional blow dryers, which blast heat into the hair and scalp. Instead, RevAir extracts water from the hair through an attachment into a tube that resembles the wand of a vacuum cleaner, simultaneously drying and straightening. The wand can accommodate hair as short as two inches, to as long as six feet. - January 16, 2020