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The 6 Best Professional Hair Dryers For Fine Hair

The 6 Best Professional Hair Dryers For Fine Hair

"An Innovative & Investment-Worthy Hair Dryer"

It's an investment, but the REVAIR reverse-air dryer is revolutionizing the way people style their hair because it dries and straightens three times faster than a traditional unit — no brush required. Thanks to its long tube, this dryer utilizes reverse-flowing heated air to smooth cuticles in their naturally-occurring direction. It also works with less heat, a lower wattage, and no friction, meaning it causes significantly less damage for all types of hair, but especially thin strands. The device even comes with plenty of freebies, like clips, a stand, a storage bag, a spray bottle, and hair bands in place of twisty ties for the packaging. Personally, I've never experienced anything that has set hair and minimized frizz this well.

Reviewers say: "I cannot express how much I absolutely love, love, love my Revair... Over the past [few] years my hair began breaking and thinning due to the damage caused by excess heat, chemicals, etc.. I became really concerned and self-conscious. While searching for a miracle fix I had searched I stumbled across the Reviar You-Tube Demo. After a few weeks of skepticism, I ordered the Revair. After the second time using it I was hooked. My hair is straight and smooth. I rarely have to use a flat iron, just for touch-ups in the mornings."

Bustle - May 3, 2019