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Are These High-Priced Hair Tools Worth The Splurge?

Are These High-Priced Hair Tools Worth The Splurge?

These pricey hair gadgets promise a unique beauty meets tech experience, but are they worth the money?

As we quarantine and figure out new ways to stay sane during this (temporary) new normal, finding joy in the little things means a lot. Small gestures such as doing our hair and putting on some makeup have become key in breaking up the work-from-home and stay-at-home monotony.

So I took this time to try out some of the latest hair gadgets that have come on my radar recently.

These particular tools are not your average hair gadgets as they are the type of big-ticket items that professional hairstylists and men in the dog house are likely to buy. But if you do your own hair and you’re dedicated to the process, you’ll want only the best of the best. But are these tools the best?

RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer

If you can get past how slightly cumbersome the initial set up is for this tool your mind will be blown.

If you’re someone who blow dries her hair often you need this tool. The fact that it dried my hair so quickly and so delicately gave me peace of mind.

Essence - March 26, 2020