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    See the benefits of using the RevAir with our line of hair care products

    Meet bright spot

    Detangle & shine spray for all hair types

    • Superfine mist that detangles wet hair and adds instant luminescence to dry hair

    • Nutrient-rich essential oils enhance shine while adding thermal protection and reduce drying time

    • Eliminates frizz and flyaways

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    Meet Play it straight

    Rich Balm Hair Primer for coarse, textured, wiry, frizz prone hair

    • Intensely moisturizing rich balm formula locks out frizz

    • Increases manageability

    • Advanced thermal protectantseals in shine

    • Repairs damage and strengthens hair with continued use 

    Meet Wave goodbye

    Cream Gel Hair Primer for fine, thin, or cottony hair

    • Fast absorbing cream gel penetrates hair cuticle to provide deep conditioning

    • Fortifies hair strands to make them noticeably stronger & resistant to damage

    • Protects from breakage and heals prior damage  

    Wave Goodbye Cream Gel Hair Primer
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